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Alternation. A rhythm that alternates classes at school and work in a company.

On the company side, it is an opportunity to train students in order to facilitate their integration into the company afterwards. By allowing the student to acquire specific know-how and the culture of the company, the work-study program leads to a job with confidence at the end of the training. Financial benefits are also offered to companies that recruit apprentices. A fresh eye, an academic background, organization, a desire to work and prove themselves… apprentices have many qualities to bring to the host company.

The image of these profiles has changed in recent years. Apprenticeship is increasingly offered in training programs, particularly in long courses up to Bac+5.

In short,

  • What benefits for the company?
  • What benefits for the student?
  • The skills expected by the company?
  • The integration of the student within the teams?

Our experts answer you!

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

For Mr. MONTELS, President and co-founder of Groupe Référence, this is above all a CSR initiative for the company, which recruits apprenticeship students. This corporate social responsibility makes even more sense in the current health crisis period, during which students have more difficulty finding a job/internship/work-study contract.

How and why should you trust these profiles when you are a large company?

Mr. SOUTY, Program Director at Orange Business Services, sees this as a pool of employees who will be more easily and quickly employable. The company trains, from an early age, motivated students who will be the employees of tomorrow. The apprenticeship allows for a quick and easy integration of these people who are immersed in the heart of the company’s culture very early on. In exchange, these students arrive with a certain motivation, new methods and a great deal of dynamism. So manyassets for a company.

Why is it worthwhile to choose the apprenticeship route when you are a student?

Massourang, an ECE student in ING3 and currently in a work-study program at Groupe Référence, mentioned several reasons, such as continuing his studies while gaining professional experience. So strong and valuable skills on a resume but also a salary at the end of the month and school fees paid by the company. Many work-study contracts lead to a permanent contract at the end of the contract.

Emilie first joined the ECE in initial. In ING3 she chose to reorient herself towards the apprenticeship branch in order to combine theory and practice. Now in ING4 and fully integrated into the Orange Business Services development teams, Emilie is satisfied with this decision.

In addition to the development of a professional network, we learn that the student is an employee like any other who is fully invested in the life of the company and who can be a force of proposal in the same way as other employees.

On the other hand, an apprentice student is not fully a student like the others because he/she must learn to combine periods at the company and periods at school. The rhythm is not always easy to manage but it also testifies to the seriousness and motivation of these students – employees.

To help with this a strong mutual support also exists at the heart of the school, thanks in particular to the association ECE APPRENTIS which brings together all the ECE’s apprenticeship students and organizes events that enable everyone to get to know each other and unwind from busy schedules.

Apprenticeship is the golden way of training and this is confirmed on a daily basis for all our staff.

Many thanks to Jean-Marc MONTELS, Eric SOUTY, Emilie COURTONNE, Nathalie WEERASINGHE, Léo TRILLAT and Massourang SOURANG for their presence at this conference.

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Updated 2 January 2024