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Do you want to start your engineering studies in the southwest of France? Bordeaux seems to be the ideal city to initiate this project! Dynamic, lively and located near the sea, this metropolis has everything to please. Discover in this article the reasons why you should join an engineering school in Bordeaux.

In summary:

  • Bordeaux is an exciting and pleasant student city to live in
  • An engineering school in Bordeaux offers training in promising technologies right after high school
  • Thanks to the ECE Bordeaux Bachelor’s degree, students can quickly enter the business world after a bachelor’s degree or continue their studies
  • The ECE Grande Ecole Engineering Program in Bordeaux offers a post-baccalaureate (5 years) and post-prepa (3 years) curriculum leading to a French engineering diploma, guaranteeing a very strong employability
  • Bordeaux offers many professional opportunities to young people, especially in the technology and digital sectors

Why enroll in an engineering school in Bordeaux?

After a scientific or technological baccalaureate, several choices are available to young people wishing to continue their studies in higher education. Some opt for a university degree in mathematics, physical sciences, computer science, biology, or towards IUT. For those who wish to turn to engineering and technology, an engineering school is often the preferred option with several programs offered depending on the profile.

A private engineering school is an establishment accredited by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs (CTI) and most often provides a general and multidisciplinary education. You will find various engineering schools in Bordeaux, most of which offer training from post-baccalaureate to master’s level, or even doctorate.

Attending an engineering school in Bordeaux is to be seduced by the gentle way of life of southwestern France. Easy to navigate and rich in fascinating history, the Gironde city seduces by :

  • its efficient and well-developed transport system, from the tramway network to the self-service bicycles;
  • its friendly spaces where you can share good times after class. The Place du Parlement, the Place Saint-Pierre or the Place de la Victoire are essential meeting places for the youth of Bordeaux;
  • its mild oceanic climate throughout the year and its proximity to the sea which will suit surfing and water sports enthusiasts. Take advantage of the Arcachon basin and tame the waves in Lacanau, Cap Ferret or Biscarrosse;
  • its important concentration of classified monuments and cultural buildings. The youth card is free for 18-25 year olds and allows them to go to museums, movies, concerts and all kinds of cultural initiatives;
  • its innumerable vineyards which made its fame on an international scale;
  • its exceptional gastronomy, its wines, its cannelés and its irreducible chocolatines!

As you can see, attending an engineering school in Bordeaux allows you to take advantage of a city with authentic charm.

Which engineering school in Bordeaux can I attend?

The metropolis has many private and public higher education institutions. ECE is one of the engineering schools located in Bordeaux. Accessible after the baccalaureate, it trains qualified engineering profiles to meet the needs of local and national companies.

ECE is also present in Paris, Lyon and Rennes. The educational offerings vary by campus, but the requirements remain the same. ECE has indeed developed an innovative pedagogy based on ideation and the management of various projects. Do you have an idea in mind? The ECE accompanies you in its development, its concretization and its valorization.

How many years does it take to study in an engineering school in Bordeaux?

Studies at an engineering school in Bordeaux usually last between 3 and 5 years, depending on the course offered. AtECE Bordeaux, students have the possibility to enroll in the Bachelor Software Engineering. This three-year post-baccalaureate program allows students to validate 180 ECTS credits and obtain an RNCP title at the bac +3 level. Students can join the Bachelor program in the first year after the baccalaureate, in the second year after a baccalaureate +1 or in the third year after a baccalaureate +2.

ECE offers the following specializations for its Bachelor’s degree:

Once they have their Bachelor’s degree, students can decide to enter the job market directly. Thanks to internships in the first and second years and to the work-study program available in the third year, they have solid technical skills that make them operational and highly sought after by companies and public bodies looking for expert software engineering profiles.

However, Bachelor’s degree holders can continue their studies at the ECE with an MSc. To do so, they will have to integrate the ECE in Paris, Lyon or Rennes. They will obtain a diploma at the level of bac +5.

To integrate the ECE Bachelor program, the procedure is made of a file study and an interview, without going through the Parcoursup procedure, by applying directly on the ECE website.

Moreover, ECE Bordeaux offers students the possibility to join its Grande Ecole of Engineering program, either directly after the baccalaureate, or after preparatory classes, or in parallel admission after an IUT, a BUT, or a university degree. It is possible to follow the first three years of the Grande École program on the Bordeaux campus, the last two years being done in Bordeaux, Lyon, or Paris. The ECE Grande École program allows each student to build a career path corresponding to his professional aspirations and desires.

How can I finance my studies in an engineering school in Bordeaux?

The tuition fees at ECE vary according to the program chosen, but are between 6 950 euros and 10 450 euros per year.

However, it should be noted that different options are offered to young people to enable them to finance their training in engineering school in Bordeaux. Scholarships can be awarded to students so that they do not have to give up their dreams and ambitions. The candidates who are highly ranked in the Avenir competition and who wish to join the ECE will benefit from the merit scholarship. A scholarship is also available for high-level athletes.

Finally, some years can be followed in alternation. This is a real plus for the students, as their tuition fees are covered by the company that hosts them. They are also paid by the company.

What career opportunities are available to students of an engineering school in Bordeaux?

Bordeaux is a dynamic city with great career opportunities for engineering students. Indeed, renowned companies and groups are located in the heart of the “Pearl of Aquitaine”. Examples include Airbus, Thales, Safran, Dassault Aviation, and Michelin. These companies specializing in aeronautics, defense, aerospace or tires are leaders in their fields and provide students with unique opportunities. Several Digital Service Companies (DSC) are also present in the region, such as CGI or Sopra Steria, and recruit many engineering school graduates.

Updated 2 January 2024