What is the salary of a Java developer?

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Estimating the salary of a Java developer seems difficult since it depends on several factors. Java is one of the most popular development languages, and it is present almost everywhere: cell phones, websites, game consoles … These technicians are therefore highly sought after in this field. Their remuneration varies mainly according to the level of experience.

What is the average salary of a Java developer?

A Java developer, who has 2 to 5 years of professional experience, masters exactly the IT architecture of the company. As a result, he is able to carry out these missions:

  • correction of more advanced bugs ;
  • test realization ;
  • Java project planning ;
  • design of the documentation dedicated to the end user.

The average salary of a Java developer in France is 41 000€ per year.

How much does a Java developer make at the beginning of his career?

As a beginner, a junior Java developer has between 0 and 1 year of experience. His skills are highly coveted, he can receive an attractive salary even after graduation. As a result, a junior Java developer earns about €3,000 per month. However, this salary depends on the employer. Over the years, this remuneration could rise with experience and could reach €4,000 per month.

How much does an experienced Java developer earn?

A Senior Java Developer with 5+ years of experience, in-depth knowledge of the company’s IT systems. He also has expertise in various projects. Here are the various missions affiliated with an experienced Java developer:

  • planning and verification of sophisticated Java projects;
  • supervision of the work done by the junior staff;
  • collaboration with vendors ;
  • supervision of the financial side of the development.

An experienced Java developer has a slightly higher salary. It is estimated at €5,500 or more depending on experience.

How to become a Java developer?

If you are considering entering the field of Java development, it is essential to follow a few steps:

Learning java

First of all, it is important to learn how to code Java. For this, you can take continuing education or work-study courses, podcasts and tutorials. Thus, you will have more knowledge about :

  • the basics of Java design ;
  • the creation of graphical user interfaces (GUI) with Java ;
  • Handling the functionalities of the Java platform;
  • Application development using Java Web Start and Java Plug-in.

Development of java project management skills

After learning Java, you will be able to optimize your project management skills. During this stage, all your attention should be focused on planning, designing and implementing projects with Java. You should start with small projects first so that you can improve your skills in computer architecture and systems management.

Java Community Membership

To develop your skills, join a Java community. This way, you can learn from other members. This is the best alternative if you want to improve your problem solving skills. In this way, you will gradually come to think like a developer.

Putting it into practice

The next step is to put these new skills into practice and develop a portfolio to present to potential employers. This means creating many Java applications for your portfolio. You will carry out simple projects that will show that you are capable of developing all kinds of applications with Java. The idea is to design a less complex portfolio. The two most important things to put in your portfolio are:

  • the presentation in the “about me” section that mentions your experience, skills and interests;
  • displaying a collection of some of the projects you have designed. It is essential to include a brief description of the project, screenshots of the development process and a link to the final project.

Java Developer Resume Development

When you feel you can master Java and create applications, then it’s time to prepare your resume. The latter allows you to apply for a position as a Java developer. You need to put your new skills as an expert into it. You can therefore mention your skills in Java development, code testing, SQL, project management. It is also important to specify your skills in relation to suppliers and your knowledge in OOP.

What are the possible career paths for a Java developer?

The job of Java developer promises a hierarchical professional evolution. If you have a few years of experience, you can apply for technical manager and IT supervisor positions. You will be required to supervise the tasks carried out by the developers. Thus, you can become a Java project manager with a higher salary.

What is the difference between a Java developer and a JavaScript developer?

Since Java and JavaScript have almost the same name, many beginning developers sometimes confuse these two programs. However, they are quite different. Java is a compilation language, which means that it is interpreted into machine code using compilers. On the other hand, JavaScript is an interpreted scripting language, it is transformed into machine code when it is executed. Their difference lies in their use. Java is dedicated to server side development and JavaScript is used for client side work.

Updated 2 January 2024