How do I become a computer scientist?

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Are you considering a career in the IT industry? You need to study computer science in a school specialized in digital engineering. You can obtain your diploma in computer science at the end of a Bac + 3 course, or a specialization course.

How to get a computer science degree?

To develop your skills in an IT profession, follow a professional training in an engineering school. This is the surest way to get your degree and work in an IT company.

To get a Bachelor degree, follow a Bachelor program in one of the ECE campuses. You will already be operational at the end of your training. On the other hand, you should take a specialization if you want to become a highly skilled computer scientist. In this case, you need a bachelor’s degree focused on digital and environmental transitions.

What degree do I need to work in IT?

You can enter a bachelor’s program after your high school diploma. After 3 years of successful studies, you will have your bachelor’s degree “Application Developer Designer”. This is a state-recognized diploma that gives recruiters credibility for your expertise in digital engineering.

Your web developer or computer engineer degree opens you to many opportunities. You can start your professional career or continue your studies in a professional postgraduate program. In the first case, you can become an IT administrator, software engineer, Data Developer, Frontend, Backend, Fullstack. If you choose to continue your studies, you will move on to a specialization.

Another interesting option for obtaining a computer science degree is the work-study program. With this option, you must also choose a specialized program and find a company that will hire you throughout your program. Please note that ECE school offers an MSc program leading to a bachelor degree in digital engineering.

What is the program of the Bachelor ECE ?

The ECE Bachelor program is a 3 years professional course, that you can join directly after the baccalaureate. The first year of this Bachelor’s program is open to all baccalaureate graduates, with or without computer science prerequisites. You can also start this program in the second year, after having passed your first year of BTS or DUT. Students with a BTS, a DUT or a licence pro can also join the Bachelor program in the 3rd year.

If you choose the ECE Bachelor’s degree in computer science, you will start on a good basis in digital engineering. With this program, you will acquire the necessary computer knowledge and management skills at the same time. Here is a summary of what you can benefit from the Bachelor ECE program:

  • mastery of software engineering ;
  • management and computer skills;
  • data, cybersecurity and IT development skills;
  • contacts with companies in the IT and engineering sector to influence opportunities;
  • international experience.

The first year of the ECE Bachelor prepares you to become a digital expert. Starting in the second year, you will strengthen your skills in computer engineering. At this level, you can choose between apprenticeship and initial training. The curriculum includes a period of internship in a company to improve your skills.

What are the specializations after a Bachelor ECE ?

Here are the different options of specialization that the school offers from the third year of your curriculum Bachelor Application Designer and Developer ECE:

If you choose the Frontend, Backend and Full Stack option, you will learn the most commonly used programming languages in application development. At the end of your training, you will be able to produce web applications or digital gadgets. You can be both a web developer and a tester.

With the Security & IT Developer option, you will learn to master basic cybersecurity strategies. This program then shows you how to detect and control information security flaws.

The Data Developer option is designed to train future experts in database management and operation. Expertise is used to improve the products and services offered to customers.

Updated 2 January 2024