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Digital training

The ECE Bachelor’s degree gives access to engineering professions without having to take mathematics or physics. ECE’s Bachelor’s degree is above all a digital training program , with programming and development courses leading to a choice of specializations: Web & Mobile Development, Digital Business & Data or Cybersecurity & Networks.

A professional training

The ECE Bachelor’s degree is available as an initial training course or as an apprenticeship. apprenticeship outside Parcoursup. On campuses in Paris, Lyon or Bordeaux, the ECE bachelor’s degree is designed to train students to meet the digital needs of companies. This 3-year course will enable you to become an expert in the fields of development, programming, data and cybersecurity, all of which are essential to the companies of today and tomorrow.

Working or studying

At the end of the 3-year ECE Bachelor program, students decide to start a job in a company (98% of our students are offered a permanent contract before graduating). Others decide to continue their studies in an engineering program, an MSc program at ECE, or in an OMNES Education program or another school.

Who is the Bachelor program for?

Like Kévin, the Bachelor’s program is for you if you’re looking for a non-Parcoursup, professionally-oriented course that meets corporate requirements and combines technical skills with soft skills (community life, communication, law, etc.).

Updated 2 January 2024