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Parcoursup, our tips for understanding and using the platform

Understanding Parcoursup: guide and tips

What is Parcoursup for?

All high school students hear about Parcoursup, and a large majority use it during their final year. Parcoursup is the national platform for access to the first year of higher education, and lists over 21,000 courses offered by both public and private establishments.

Thanks to Parcoursup, you can :

  • discover the range of higher education courses on offer ;
  • create a pre-registration file ;
  • formulate your wishes for the courses that have caught your attention ;
  • receive admission proposals.

It is essential to understand that applications are not examined by Parcoursup. The platform acts solely as an intermediary, forwarding students’ applications to the teachers in charge of the courses.

Parcoursup calendar

Parcoursup also follows a precise timetable, consisting of the following phases:

  • opening of the platform and discovery of training courses ;
  • formulation, then confirmation of wishes ;
  • main admission phase, during which students find out whether or not they have been admitted to the course of their choice;
  • complementary admission phase for students who have not received an answer.

Be sure to keep to this timetable, especially when confirming your wishes.

How do I register for Parcoursup?

To register on Parcoursup, you must gather the following information and documents:

  • a valid e-mail address that you use regularly;
  • your n°INE (Identifiant National Etudiant), which can be found on your transcript of marks for the anticipated baccalauréat exams;
  • your transcript of marks for the baccalauréat anticipation tests.

Once your file has been created, you will receive a Parcoursup file number and will be asked to set a password. You will use these identifiers each time you connect to the platform.

Optimizing your Parcoursup application: keys to a successful application

What’s in your Parcoursup file?

The Parcoursup application is essential for applying to undergraduate courses in higher education. It consists of the following components:

  • your Avenir form, including your transcripts, teachers’ assessments and the opinion of your class council concerning your wishes;
  • your proposed training program, which should be adapted to each training program;
  • your extracurricular activities and interests.

In some cases, other documents may be required, such as a certificate of registration on a ministerial list for top-level athletes. Finally, you can add any documents you feel would be useful to your application, such as a portfolio or a letter of recommendation.

Improve your Parcoursup file

Your file is of fundamental importance and deserves your full attention. You can start filling it in from January, when it becomes possible to formulate your wishes. You can then modify it as you wish up until April and the confirmation of your wishes. After that, all modifications become impossible.

Don’t forget to add to your portfolio and highlight your personal and professional experience. Whether you have an artistic passion, practice a sport, have worked or volunteered, don’t hesitate to highlight these elements, which say a lot about your personality and qualities.

Discover the courses offered on Parcoursup

As soon as you open the platform, you’ll have the opportunity to consult the summary sheets for the various courses listed (BTS, licenses, Pass, preparatory classes, BUT, bachelors…). To find the courses that match your needs more easily, use filters and sort results by city, region or course type.

The fact sheets contain important information on course content, admission requirements, tuition fees and open days organized by the schools. You’ll also find the number of admissions for each course, as well as the professional integration rate.

It’s important to be aware of the eligibility criteria and expectations of a training program, so that you can put all the chances on your side and make sure that your profile matches the chosen course.

Selecting your wishes: strategies for maximizing your chances on Parcoursup

Once you’ve seen the courses, you can add the ones that interest you to your wish list. As a reminder, you can enter up to 10 wishes for initial training courses. However, some courses can be grouped into multiple wishes, which are in fact a kind of sub-wish, allowing you to apply for more than 10 courses. Last but not least, it is also possible to apply for 10 apprenticeships.

It doesn’t matter in which order you choose your wishes, as they are not ranked. To maximize your chances on Parcoursup, you can one or more of these strategies:

  • select a maximum number of wishes
  • apply for both selective courses (courses with limited numbers and rigorous selection procedures) and non-selective courses; if you choose only selective courses, you run the risk of not being accepted anywhere.
  • think about sandwich courses
  • take the time to mature your choices, find out more and compare courses before definitively confirming your wishes. After that, it’ll be too late.
  • choose courses that really appeal to you and match your aspirations
Updated 2 January 2024