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Wondering about the possibility of pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the field of digital and computer science after high school?
Are you tempted by an immersive training in the professional world? Are you looking for training for tomorrow’s world?

In this article, we review what a bachelor specialized in digital and computer science is, how many years of study to dedicate to it and what are the specificities at ECE.


What is a Digital Bachelor?

The term “bachelor” comes straight from the United States. This diploma is becoming increasingly popular in France. Inspired by the “bachelor’s degree”, this three-year degree is given in engineering schools and has become THE new star of higher education schools.

But why?

The bachelor’s degree is a degree that, today, has indeed the wind in its sails. This diploma is more and more appreciated by companies thanks to its pragmatic educational content. The bachelor’s degree is a higher diploma prepared in three years, just like a license.

However, the course differs considerably from its university cousin in its openness to international business, the importance it places on practical experience (internships or work-study programs), its proximity to companies, and its effort to adapt to the needs of the working world.

Indeed, the specialties offered in the digital bachelor program at ECE are exclusively focused on technical skills in computer science expected in companies.

The Digital Bachelor will train future learners to master existing digital systems and enable them to develop technical, managerial and scientific skills.

This degree offered at ECE brings expertise in areas such as:

  • data and artificial intelligence,
  • cybersecurity,
  • software development.

Students will develop technical and scientific skills to become specialists capable of, among other things:

  • to become familiar with the latest technologies,
  • to understand the issues related to digital transformation,
  • to master the development of new applications,
  • to understand the stakes of the data,
  • master project management in the digital domain.
Découvrez le Bachelor de l'ECE

ECE Digital Bachelor

Postponed start of school: mid-March
State-recognized title: Level 6 (equivalent to a Bac+3)

from the 2nd year

Are there any prerequisites to join the ECE Digital Bachelor?

The Digital Bachelor’s program is accessible after obtaining the baccalaureate (general, technological or professional). It is also possible to enter the program in the2nd year after validation of a baccalaureate (1st year of BTS, BUT, Licence 1 math, computer science or computer science preparatory program), or in the3rd year after validation of a BTS, a2nd year of BUT, or a L2.

There are no specific science or computer science prerequisites for admission to thefirst year. The ECE bachelor offers an innovative pedagogy and is interested in all types of profiles:

  • analytical and logical predisposition,
  • ability to concentrate,
  • methodical, organized and precise mind,
  • communication skills.

The post-bac admission procedure is independent of Parcoursup. Eligibility for the Bachelor’s program is based on an application file and a motivation interview.

From the start of the 2023 academic year, four campuses will welcome Bachelor students: Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Rennes. The ECE Bachelor is a 3 years course, each of which must be validated and allows the student to acquire 60 ECTS credits divided into two semesters.

The first two years are spent in a common core with a choice in the third year among several specializations (deepening options).

The program is offered in initial training or in alternating years from the 2nd year. This digital bachelor’s degree is recognized by the state with a level 6 RNCP title.

At ECE, the first year is based on academic courses and 2 months of internship.

During the2nd and3rd years, it is possible to choose between:

  • the initial training and an internship of 3 to 4 months in the2nd year and 5 to 6 months in the3rd year,
  • alternating training with 3 days in the company per week.

The work-study program, within the Bachelor’s program, means that the tuition fees are completely covered by the apprenticeship system and the apprentice receives a salary at the end of each month.

What skills are developed in the Digital Bachelor?

If not all companies are digital or IT specialists, they all find themselves confronted with digitalization and must call upon specialists to carry out their projects in this transformation.

The digital world is very dynamic, and job offers in this field are growing.

Today, there are more than 80 jobs that require digital experience.

ECE proposes the alternation from the 2nd year. This is a multi-benefit training formula that allows you to benefit from real experience in a company and to finance your studies.

As a reminder, during the work-study program, students enjoy the status of student-employee, which allows them to receive a regular monthly allowance throughout their training. This training therefore offers an interesting financing scheme, given the high cost of study. And students who complete the work-study program can then sign an employment contract with the host company.

ECE has more than 800 partner companies ready to welcome students in work-study programs from the2nd year of the Bachelor’s program on jobs in tension. Nearly 30,000 positions to date remain unfilled.

A service in charge of “Corporate Relations” offers support to students in their research: help in writing CVs and cover letters, offers of internships and work-study contracts during dedicated events, among other things.

We hope you enjoyed this article and that it answered your questions.

In a second article to be published soon, we will give you more details about what to do after a digital bachelor at ECE:
which profession, specialization or training to turn to.

Updated 2 January 2024