What jobs are there in data?

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Today’s business environment is increasingly driven by technology and massive data collection. As a result, data-related professions are becoming increasingly important. This involves several facets, including predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and database management. This multiplies career opportunities in this constantly evolving field. Discover them below.

In summary:

  • As interest in the sector grows, so do career opportunities in data.
  • The most sought-after professions are data analyst, data engineer, data scientist and Big Data architect.
  • To work in this field, you need degrees ranging from Bachelor’s to Master’s.
  • Specialized training courses in data science, artificial intelligence or big data are recommended, particularly those offered by ECE.

Why do you want to work in data?

There are many reasons to work in data. This field offers a multitude of careers in various sectors. Indeed, data has become a central pillar of decision-making for companies in all sectors.

Opting for a career in data means choosing a dynamic field that is constantly evolving. There’s no room for monotony: you have to keep up with trends and new developments on the market. So you’re always up to date.

At the same time, demand for female professionals in this sector continues to grow. These specialists help companies to analyze the information at their disposal and extract useful knowledge. These then enable them to

establish effective strategies.

What are the most sought-after data professions?

Data analyst

Data analysts are responsible for processing and interpreting data. The aim is to extract useful information. Statistical tools are used for analysis. At the same time, he studies the market to identify trends and patterns. Afterwards, he produces reports to guide the company’s strategic decisions.

Data engineer

Data engineers design, build and manage data processing infrastructures. He works closely with data scientists in preparing information for analysis.

Data scientist

Data scientists analyze complex data. It uses advanced statistical and machine learning techniques. Its role is to create predictive models and extract relevant insights for the company.

Big Data Architect

The Big Data architect is the person who designs and implements the company’s digital ecosystem. It is used for storing, analyzing and managing large volumes of data. Among its missions, it guarantees the integrity, availability and security of sensitive information.

Machine learning engineer

The machine learning engineer is in charge of developing machine learning models. These programs are used to make predictions and informed decisions. This professional works with data scientists to implement and optimize these models.

What qualifications do you need to work in data?

The data professions require a high level of competence in science, mathematics, statistics and computer science. The qualifications required range from Bachelor’s degree (Bac +3) to Master’s degree (Bac +5). Engineering degrees and doctorates are required for research positions or in-depth expertise.

What training do you need to work in data?

To prepare for a career in data processing, you need specialized training in mathematics and statistics. Practical skills in programming (Python, R) and database management are required.

Graduate programs in data science, artificial intelligence or big data offer a tailored curriculum. They combine theoretical courses with practical projects. Further training courses, bootcamps and MOOCs can also be a good complement.

What program should you choose at ECE to train for a career in data processing?

Data Developer specialization in the Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science

The Data Developer specialization, accessible after a baccalaureate, is a bac +3 diploma offered by ECE. This program offers fast-track training in data-related professions such as data scientist, data strategist, consultant or software developer. It also offers the opportunity to pursue further studies in the field. For more information, visit our FAQ section.

Data & AI major in the Engineering Program

The Data & AI Major, leading to a bac +5 diploma, trains students for the professions of data project manager, data architect, data scientist and data engineer. This course is ideal for those wishing to occupy key positions in the field of data and artificial intelligence.

MSc Data engineer

The MSc Data engineer is a baccalaureate +5 level program that prepares you for the professions of AI developer, AI project manager, AI consultant, data analyst and data scientist.

MSc Data management & artificial intelligence

This 5-year degree program is designed to train professionals for positions as data manager, data protection officer, chief data officer or cloud and data architect.

Updated 31 May 2024