What is data management?

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Today, raw data comes from a multitude of sources. Their management therefore involves a large number of complementary actions, including acquisition, sorting, processing, storage and protection. That’s what data management is all about. Find out how to train and work in this sector.

In summary:

Data management:

  • This involves collecting, sorting, processing, storing and managing data.
  • Is a sector that is recruiting more and more.
  • Is essential to the smooth running of a company with Big Data.
  • Provides access to a wide range of job opportunities.
  • Is taught in a school specializing in digital engineering or an engineering school.

What is the definition of data management?

Data management ” is the English translation of “gestion des données”. This task has recently taken on a new dimension with the concept of Big Data. With so much information flowing around us these days, the amount of data to be managed is ever-increasing, making it more difficult to process.

The more data there is, the more difficult and time-consuming it is to process. Because of the sheer volume of this information, we now talk of “Big Data”, which brings it together from all sources.

Data management starts with data consolidation. To do this, it is essential to check the reliability of sources and the relevance of information. This is also how you sort the data, based on the company’s objectives. Then they have to be treated.

From there, they can be stored and become part of the company’s Big Data. Finally, data protection is part of data management, to prevent information leaks and failures in the company’s activities.

Why work in data management?

If you’re passionate about the digital world and have the rigor required for a position of great responsibility, then data management is for you. Indeed, this is a very dynamic sector, requiring you to manage data of all kinds and origins on a daily basis. It’s in this aspect of data management that you need to be rigorous.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll have everything you need to flourish, since you can always move on to a wide range of related professions. For example, you could take a course in IT and specialize in data management, ending up as a CRM Manager.

The field of data management is constantly recruiting, given its usefulness to companies in all sectors.

What is the role of the data manager?

In a company, the data manager’s role is purely strategic. If he excels at his job, the company can achieve better results; if he doesn’t, it risks losses. This is the kind of pressure you can expect to be under if you want to become a data manager, and it’s also what makes the job so important and interesting.

By accessing it, you’re in charge of gathering the important information to make up Big Data. You are also responsible for selecting the essential elements for an effective analysis. You should always store data that is not used, but deemed important in Big Data, to ensure its protection.

What skills and qualities are needed to work in data management?

Working in data management requires you to possess certain skills and qualities that are essential to the successful execution of your job. These include :

  • be comfortable with the latest tools and technologies;
  • know and master computer languages ;
  • be orderly and autonomous;
  • be precise, rigorous and meticulous;
  • analytical skills;
  • know how to collaborate with other professionals.

What course should I take at ECE to learn about data management?

Specialized in digital engineering, ECE offers several programs to train you in data management. Visit our website to find out more. If necessary, you can also visit our FAQ section to find answers to your training questions. If you want to work in data management, we suggest you take an MSc in Data Management & Artificial Intelligence. This program gives you a diploma at bac + 5 level. If you want to become an engineer, we recommend that you join our engineering cycle and opt for the Data & AI Major, among others.

Updated 31 May 2024