What is data engineering?

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In an essentially connected world, data engineering has become more than essential for companies. But what exactly are we talking about? Find out more about this field to better understand its importance and implications. Find out more about the training needed to work as a data engineer, and the different tasks involved.

In summary:

  • Data engineering is crucial to business development.
  • It involves data collection, storage, organization, processing and security.
  • Solid training, often at bac+5 level, is essential to acquire the skills needed for this profession.
  • ECE offers a curriculum focused on this field.

What is data engineering?

Data engineering is a complex discipline revolving around computer data. It consists in collecting, storing and organizing them so that they can be processed appropriately and optimally. To achieve this, it creates specific methods and tools governed by well-defined standards.

Data engineering is an essential part of the data ecosystem, distinct from, but complementary to, data science. The latter focuses on analysis and interpretation, while the former focuses on structuring data flows.

According to the experts, it’s all about making data accessible to different users. The field is booming, and affects all companies regardless of their sector of activity. In recent years, the demand for data engineers has grown at an annual rate of over 30%.

Thanks to data engineering, companies can make better decisions to improve their services and products. It also comes into play in their new innovation initiatives. It’s a pillar of the digital revolution.

Data engineering aims to guarantee data quality and relevance. It ensures that these are accessible, scalable and, above all, reliable. Key data engineering skills include massive data manipulation, software engineering, database management and distributed systems.

What’s the point of data engineering?

Data engineering is a real asset for companies. It facilitates major decisions, improves operations, fosters overall development and helps them to innovate.

To this end, it handles large-scale data processing and management. In other words, it enables organizations to leverage their data effectively, transforming it into actionable information.

Its main role is to design, build and maintain the infrastructures needed to handle data. It is involved in a number of areas, including :

  • data collection: this helps to establish efficient systems for gathering data from a variety of sources. These can be sensors on connected objects, cookies on a website, databases, social networks, etc.
  • data storage: setting up databases and distributed archiving systems;
  • data processing: we develop algorithms and data processing pipelines. They can be sorted, grouped and transformed into usable information;
  • data analysis: we design infrastructures enabling advanced analysis and machine learning algorithms to be run on large quantities of data. In this way, companies can extract valuable insights ;
  • data security: this includes security and confidentiality mechanisms to protect data. It protects them against unauthorized access, loss and alteration. It also ensures compliance with regulations such as the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation) ;

How can I learn about data engineering?

To train in data engineering, you need to study at a higher education level in an engineering or computer science school. These establishments have a specialized master’s degree in Data Science, Big Data or artificial intelligence. You’ll need a 5-year degree to qualify for this position.

By choosing this path, you can acquire all the knowledge you need to work in this field. You’ll cover both theory and practice.

What does a data engineer do?

As an expert, the data engineer is responsible for preparing the infrastructure to receive the data. This task is similar to that of the software engineer. It involves designing and building a structure for integrating and cleansing corporate data.

It is responsible for creating vast reservoirs of data for storage and testing. His next task is to supervise large-scale processing systems and databases. This is to ensure their smooth operation. This means mastering systems and networks.

Which ECE course to choose for training in data engineering?

MSc Data engineer

The ideal course for training in data engineering is the MSc Data Engineer. Our specialized ECE school offers this program at an initial pace. It is open to holders of a bac +3 in scientific and technical fields (IT) and lasts 2 years. It leads to a diploma at bac +5 level.

It prepares students for careers in :

  • AI developer ;
  • AI project manager ;
  • AI consultant ;
  • data analyst ;
  • data scientist ;
  • data engineer.
Updated 31 May 2024