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Are you passionate about the world of computers? Do you want to work in a profession related to this passion? These are good reasons to work in the computer field. The point is to be well informed on the subject. In order to help you, this article explains why you should work in the IT field.

In summary:

Working in the computer field:

  • It brings you many advantages, including security, stability and professional and personal growth.
  • Is broad enough for you to find the job that fits your passion.
  • Is well paid if you meet the requirements for it.
  • Is a choice that allows you to secure your professional future.
  • Requires extensive training, ideally in an engineering school.

Why work in the computer field?

If you are still hesitating as to whether or not you should go into the world of computer science, it is certainly because you lack information on the subject. Indeed, working in the IT field can be extremely beneficial and here’s why:

  • IT is constantly evolving. As a result, new professions are constantly emerging. This ensures that you will easily find the job that suits you;
  • Opportunities in the computer field are numerous, varied and easily accessible;
  • IT has become an indispensable part of everyday life.

What are the IT professions?

As we have just explained, computer science can be broken down into several very different professions. But, globally, we can mention the most important areas:

Web and mobile development

The sector of web and mobile development is generally concerned with the development of websites and/or applications. In this IT sector, you can become a web developer, programmer analyst or mobile application developer.

Cybersecurity and networks

Cybersecurity ensures the security of confidential computer data of a site or a company. To this end, you may also need to enhance their security. To do this, you can become a network and systems security administrator or an IT consultant.

Digital business and data

Digital business anddata involves data analysis. This is to allow a site or a company to adapt its strategies and create new ones. To work in this specific field of computer science, you can, for example, become a data scientist.

What are the salaries in the IT field?

Working in the field of computer science means having a variety of salaries. Indeed, the experience, the job and the company you work for play a big role in the amount you receive. However, we can still provide you with an average so that you can better find your way around:

  • For example, a web developer can earn around 44,000 euros per year, while a mobile application developer receives around 42,000 euros;
  • a network and systems security administrator can earn up to 47,500 euros per year;
  • a data scientist can be paid between 39 000 and 71 000 euros depending on experience.

What is the future of IT jobs?

The IT professions still have a bright future ahead of them! As this field is imperatively associated with those of the web and digital, it is then obvious that IT will continue to evolve.

It is important to know that computer science evolves in a universe where there are no limits. Thus, the discovery of new practices can easily be done. Thanks to this, new professions will be created. All in all, IT jobs are only going to increase, keeping this sector accessible to all.

Does ECE prepare its students well for the future of computer science?

ECE is an engineering school which includes several programs and specializations always adapting to the future of computer science to allow all its students to reach an excellent level in order to work in the computer science field.

With this in mind, you can join the school to do a Bachelor’s degree in Web & Mobile Development, Cybersecurity & Networking, Digital Business & Data or Security Developer. Afterwards, you can continue with an MSc in Cybersecurity Management a or Data Engineer & Artificial Intelligence. All these programs are very complete trainings that will allow you to work in the IT field at a higher level. If you wish to receive more information about them, the FAQ section is still available. You can also go directly to the site.

Updated 2 January 2024