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Business needs represent a huge percentage of IT. However, the exercise of these professions requires specific training and skills. In concrete terms, what educational path should I take to work in IT?

What educational path should I follow to work in IT?

IT is one of the fastest growing sectors. To practice in the field, a few educational backgrounds are necessary:

  • a general track with a specialization in Digital and Computer Science;
  • STI2D with a specialization in Information and Digital Systems;
  • STMG with a specialization in Management Information Systems.

Which baccalaureate should I choose to work in IT?

IT is an essential part of our professional and private lives, but also in high school. To work in computer science, you must choose the STMG and STI2D baccalaureate, or the general track with a digital and computer science option.

Do you want to work in the computer industry?

To work in the computer industry, you can take a general baccalaureate, but with a specialization in digital and computer sciences.

Do you want to work in the computer industry?

Choosing the Bac technologique or STI2D allows you to acquire solid technological skills. However, the Information Systems and Digital specialization is required to work in IT.

Do you want to work in the computer industry ?

The BAC professionnel Digital Systems is a gateway to computer science. In addition, a specialization in computer networks and communicating systems is required.

Which specialties should I choose in high school to work in computer science?

Your choices in high school contribute to your eligibility for the IT sector. To do this, you must choose the appropriate specialty courses:

Digital and Computer Sciences (NSI) specialization in the general track

If you are in the general stream, choose the NSI speciality which will allow you to test your taste for the discipline.

Information and Management Systems (SIG) in the STMG baccalaureate

The GIS specialty allows you to learn about the role of information technology in the management of a company and in building its image on the Internet.

Specific teaching of Information and Digital Systems (INS) in the STI2D baccalauréat

The INS specialization allows you to learn more about this technological approach to computing and to analyze it through numerous projects.

Which higher education course should I choose to work in IT?

Which graduate school to choose to work in computer science depends on the individual student. The speciality in high school plays an important role in this selection. At ECE, we offer different courses over 2 to 5 years, depending on your objectives.

Take a short course in computer science

Taking a short course in computer science is one of the most popular options for working in this sector.

BTS in computer science in two years

The BTS Digital Systems, computer and network option takes two years to complete after the baccalaureate. It trains computer scientists who can manage the maintenance of computer software.

Computer goal in three years

The BUT or University Bachelor of Computer Technology takes place in 3 years, after a technological or general baccalaureate, within an IUT attached to a university.

Bachelor’s degree in computer science in three years<

The Bachelor of Computer Science allows students to master the basics of computer science in two years before opting for a specialization in the third year. The student can choose a university, an engineering school or a specialized school.

Take a long course in computer science

To work in the IT sector, the student can opt for a long training within a university or an engineering school. This led to a Master’s degree in computer science.

Which training to follow at the ECE to work in computer science?

ECE offers training courses at all levels to work in computer science.

Discover the ECE bachelor software engineering

  • The Bachelor Web & Mobile Development allows you to master the steps from design to production of a web & mobile application;
  • The Cybersecurity & Networking Bachelor’s degree allows you to evaluate security trends, identify best practices and understand IT security products and threats;
  • The Bachelor Digital Business & Data allows apprentices to know how to exploit the black gold of data;
  • The Security Developer Bachelor’s degree consists of training qualified and competent personnel in the field of cyber security.

Join the ECE Grande École program

The Grande École program of the ECE program offers the Information System and Cybersecurity Major allowing to understand the numerical investigation and teaching the students the application of the analysis methodology corresponding to a situation. As for the Big Data & Analytics Majormajor teaches advanced web technologies, advanced databases, operating systems and computer networks, IT infrastructure, DevOps with SRE, machine learning and information systems security.

Join the ECE Master in Computer Science

The ECE Master in Computer Science offers you a curriculum on MSC Cybersecurity Manager of 2 years. This module trains you to become an actor in cyber security. ECE also offers the MSC Data Management & Artificial Intelligence allowing you to adapt to the digital transition of the 21ᵉ century and thus meet the economic challenges of digital transformation.

Updated 2 January 2024