What salary with a computer science degree?

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During your studies, you already anticipate what your salary will be with a computer science degree. Do you want to know how much you will receive after the training? To avoid any misunderstanding, it is important to note that compensation varies according to several factors. Hence the reason to find out about the average salaries of IT experts who have a license and experience.

How much can you earn with a computer science degree?

The computer science degree or the degree with a specialization in computer science is a program that attracts many students with a passion for technology every year. Why are they tempted to take this route? Is there a relationship with the salary received by a computer engineer?

It is important to note that the gross hourly rate can be higher than 19 euros. Thus, the remuneration of a computer scientist will be between 1 950 and 2 300 euros net per month. So a senior IT engineer can receive a salary between 45,000 and 50,000 euros gross per year. However, during his career, his salary can increase if he evolves in programming and project design.

What are the subjects of a degree in computer science?

The first year of the Bachelor’s degree or L1 is a generalist training aimed at familiarizing the student with the different adapted disciplines. The subjects covered are classical: mathematics, physics-chemistry, experimental sciences and computer science.

During the L2 and L3, the student benefits from a more professional training. Thus, he or she will follow a specialization path known as a major. Here are the subjects to be learned in these levels:

  • software engineering ;
  • computer systems and networks ;
  • databases,
  • computer methods applied to business management (MIAGE) ;
  • design, development and validation of ;
  • micro-computing and embedded machines (MIME).

What are the computer science jobs available after a degree?

Once you’ve earned your license, it’s only natural to think about working. However, the positions available depend on your specialty. Thus, you can apply for many jobs:

  • web or mobile developer : creator of websites or applications, this expert is highly sought after by companies. He can receive an average salary of 2,300 euros gross per month at the beginning of his career;
  • computer troubleshooter: a professional with specific knowledge of computer equipment. It is responsible for the repair of different kinds of breakdowns. He must be able to find solutions to technical problems. His salary varies between 1 600 and 1 900 euros gross;
  • industrial computer scientist: he is linked to the research and development department of an industrial company. For a beginner, the remuneration is on average 1 500 euros.


What salary does a student receive during a computer science degree?

Currently, many schools offer a work-study program. If you are already working, you can get a computer license. To do this, you simply need to sign a professionalization or apprenticeship contract. However, be careful, as some schools object to this procedure. Check that the school or institution you are interested in offers work-study programs if this is what you are looking for. ECE, engineering school specialized in digital and technologies, offers various training courses that can be followed in apprenticeship. This is an interesting option since you can study and work at the same time. However, the salary of a work-study student will be lower than that of an experienced computer scientist.

What training other than a bachelor’s degree allows you to work in IT?

We offer you at ECE a complete training called Bachelor in Application Design and Development which lasts 3 years. It is a short and professionalizing course. It is a beneficial training for students wishing to study in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Rennes. The first two years are common core. In the third year, they can choose from a number of in-depth subjects.

Why is it interesting to continue with a master’s degree after a computer science degree to have a better salary?

It is always more interesting to deepen one’s knowledge, even after the degree. This way, you will have a specialized master’s degree in the field of computer science. You will be able to work in a responsible job with an attractive salary. Thanks to your skills acquired during the training, you will be able to obtain a position as :

  • webmaster : he is in charge of the management of websites. He is responsible for the development and daily monitoring. A beginner webmaster can earn a salary of about 2,200 euros gross per month;
  • data scientist: being a specialist in data analysis, he has a big role to play in the company. Therefore, his average monthly salary is estimated at 3,000 euros gross per month;

IT project manager: he/she manages all the stages of a project. His remuneration is estimated at 3,500 euros gross per month and may increase over the course of his career.

Updated 2 January 2024