What are the basics for learning computer science?

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Computer literacy is a prerequisite in the professional world. This sector is omnipresent with the multiplication of tablets, smartphones and computers, both in the professional world and in the home. To learn computer science, you need to master some digital basics. We reveal you the basics to learn computer science.

What are the basics you need to master when you want to learn computer science?

To know the basics of computer science, you don’t need to learn about programming. But what are the basics for learning computer science? Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • starting and shutting down a computer ;
  • know the basic elements of a computer system;
  • create a file in a word processor or spreadsheet ;
  • do basic computer maintenance;
  • design a website easily ;
  • browse the Internet ;
  • connect an external hard drive and store its data;
  • install a printer.

How to learn computer science alone?

The e-learning computer training is a method to learn alone. To do this, you must have a computer. To train alone, an internet connection is required. Learning computer skills independently is accessible through the web and online courses. Determination, appropriate motivation, willingness to learn and patience are the prerequisites.

In addition, the learner must also have self-determination. This will allow him to come up with more formative solutions than long pages of data to assimilate. To be successful in self-study, you need the will and patience to do your own research, and learn from your own experiences.

What specialties should I choose in high school to learn the basics of computer science?

To learn the basics of computer science, you need to start in high school. In other words, students must choose their specialties as early as their junior and senior years. Computer science schools look at math, French and English grades. To study computer science, you can redirect yourself to a few majors like:

  • mathematics;
  • Digital and Computer Sciences (NSI);
  • Engineering Sciences (IS);
  • physics-chemistry or life and earth sciences (SVT) in the first year.

Be aware that many universities have built-in upgrades to work on prerequisites.

What are the main tools used in computing?

Knowing the basics of computer science means mastering the tools used. SQL is a universal language for working with relational databases. A relational database consists of a set of tables, and each table can be described as a table where columns are variables and rows are records.

Visual Basic is a programming language that provides Excel with great power. It can be used to solve many problems, such as the transition from company accounting data to national accounting estimates. It has multiple features.

Excel is also a tool used in computing. Indeed, Excel is not only about storing large amounts of data. For this purpose, there are software programs that are database managers. Database managers are usually not free. Fortunately, Excel offers an alternative way to work on files.

Text files contain only printable characters and line breaks. Their format is universal, so they have the advantage of being used by many software programs.

How to get trained in computer science at ECE?

ECE is an engineering school in computer science allowing you to specialize in digital and new technologies. Since 2008, it has been offering students a work-study engineering program in the form of an apprenticeship contract. ECE answers the current demands of companies, wanting to train operational engineers after their studies.

The engineering curriculum under apprenticeship contract allows the apprentice to alternate periods in the company and at the ECE which brings him/her all the necessary knowledge for future missions in the company.

If you have a BAC+2 or BAC+3 (DUT, BUT, Technical and Computer Science specialties, Adaptation Technicien Supérieur, Prépa, Licence or Licence Professionnelle), the work-study program is for you.

Updated 2 January 2024