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Product/service design is critical to creating the initial user experience and enhancing the value of offerings. It ranges from prior user research to concept development, prototyping and usability testing.

What is a Product/Service Designer?

A product/service designer is a person responsible for the process of creating a product from scratch or fine-tuning an existing offering.

He/she receives instructions from the product management on the needs and priorities of the company. It can usually be associated with the visual/tactile aspects of a project. The product designer can sometimes play a role in the information architecture and system planning of a department.

The latter can also be called a user experience creator, interaction designer or information architect, depending on :

  • type of business;
  • size and diversity of the design department;
  • the area of expertise of the person concerned.

Service design focuses on organizing people and communication to create optimal service quality. The product development process is primarily about solving real-world problems through functionality. By focusing on these two processes, companies are able to generate more sales, increase customer loyalty and grow their customer base.

What are the missions of the Product/Service Designer?

Product designers create solutions for digital projects. This job description may vary depending on the specific needs of a creative department or employer. Most of them conduct user interface research to find out what consumers’ pain points are.

The designers create solutions adapted to the needs of the users and the objectives of the company. They oversee the ongoing development of the products after their launch.

As professionals striving to drive innovation and solve common end-user problems, they hold many design positions related to product development. A better designer considers not only customer intuition and usability, but also the business objectives of the market.

In industrial design, product designers create physical product prototypes, end-user journey maps. They implement usability testing for their design ideas. They collaborate with the manufacturing, business development and product management teams.

Why become a Product/Service Designer?

Product design is one of those high-demand careers. It pushes employees to retrain. Being a product designer gives you so many skills along your career path. Even if you decide to retire from this field and choose another line of work, your hard-won skills will be your greatest asset.

This job is not necessarily unique. There are employment opportunities in many different fields including:

  • design research;
  • artistic direction ;
  • or even desktop publishing.

This is a job that gives you room to grow and expand in a wide variety of areas with many companies. You can even become your own boss by freelancing, combining multiple jobs for any number of companies.

Product design is one of the highest paying design jobs in the world. This is mainly due to the lack of qualifications that exist in the market. Thus, not only does this sector offer a good salary, but it also presents many opportunities for development.

What does a Product/Service Designer earn?

Starting salaries for entry-level product designers or designers are between 20,000 and 30,000 euros. Specialists with five to ten years of experience, including team leaders, can earn between 35,000 and 45,000 euros.

Experienced product/service designers can earn salaries ranging from 50,000 to 80,000 euros. The top of the ladder can be reached through a creative partner or director position. Compensation levels vary depending on the size and type of employer. Contracts tend to pay higher wages. However, it depends on your reputation and your clientele.

What are the educational requirements to become a Product/Service Designer?

A degree in product design can earn you a higher salary. Many successful product designers have no formal qualifications in this area. Although a graduate degree is not required, having one sets you apart from your competitors. A training in a specialized school such as the ECE also allows you to benefit from solid bases to launch you in the profession.

Keeping up with the latest developments and trends in product design is essential. An online course can help you improve your design skills and boost your career.

Updated 2 January 2024