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What is ARECE?

ARECE stands for Autonomous Racing ECE. This is a new ECE association focusing on autonomous racing cars. ARECE’s role is to educate and train engineering students in the automotive technologies of tomorrow, by involving them in a number of large-scale racing car projects. The aim is to share a common passion, right from the very first year.

How did the project come about?

The association was born of the impetus of two ING2s from the Lyon campus Thomas Rebaudet and Mathis Fournol, two students who are currently part of the embedded systems major who, after discussions with Frank Bietrix, Director of the Lyon campus, were put in touch with Maxime Schneider, Head of the Paris-based Electronics Department.

The latter then prepared for the arrival of ING4 in Paris by proposing master’s projects and recruiting high-potential students. The association was created and has been building since 2021 with the help of students from different ECE classes and campuses, as well as a student from Sup de Pub, a school in the OMNES Education group, of which ECE is a part. The first ambition was to set up a team to take part in the Formula Student autonomous category in the UK, and thus represent France as the first French autonomous vehicle team.

How did the ECE support you?

Today, thanks to the ECE, ARECE is perfectly integrated into the school’s pedagogy, which offers innovative projects in line with the association’s theme: a new autonomous vehicle project is now proposed in the “Embedded Linux” subject. The ECE also makes its recording studio available for training purposes, as well as premises for associations. Finally, the school supports the association financially, enabling it to make faster progress on the technical front and in its search for sponsors, thanks to its corporate partners and its Research Laboratory.

What are ARECE’s ambitions?

The team is carrying out its final tests in preparation for its participation in Formula Student in mid-July at Silverstone. She’s in it to win it. At the same time, the association is now looking ahead to other competitions, educational initiatives and research projects, with the aim of flying the tricolour flag ever higher, backed by electro-central values.

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Updated 2 January 2024