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How do you learn with a hackathon?

Students in the 5th year of the Product Engineering & Innovation major’s engineering program had the opportunity to apply their acquired knowledge during a hackathon. The goal is to create in 3 days, their startups in the field of Street Tech

How does a hackathon at ECE work?

On the program:

Ideation: on the first day, students brainstorm a problem and solutions to address it.

Realization: on the second day, future engineers are tasked with turning their solutions into reality by proposing a minimum viable product (MVP).

Pitch to a panel of potential investors: on the final day, students pitch their final solutions to a panel of judges, who award a prize to the best team.

What’s the added value of a hackathon?

ECE promotes project-based learning, enabling students to acquire teamwork skills. What’s more, the hackathon puts them in a professional situation, a way for them to apply the technical notions they’ve learned in class.

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How to present a project at an ECE hackathon?

Our students have to pitch their final project to a jury at the Théo theater. They have to be eloquent and persuasive to win first place. What’s more, they don’t have any supports during this presentation, which makes it a little tougher. This exercise enables them to develop oral fluency that will serve them throughout their lives.

Hackathon prizes :


Coup de cœur prize: SOLID’ART

An application to help street artists promote themselves and develop their business.

jury prize team

Jury Prize: SKYGUARD

A fleet of drones to complement home security systems, designed to spot and track burglars.

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Favourite prize: 7 ARTS

An augmented cultural exhibition service to discover and better understand the 7 arts.

jury prize team

Jury Prize: BELP’OÙ

An application to locate garbage cans according to their use (recyclable, glass, clothing, etc.) and indicate which ones need attention.

Updated 2 January 2024