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Welcome to Campus Days

This June 04 , we welcome you to our Paris and Lyon campuses for an open house unlike any other. There will be lots of surprises throughout the day, so come and visit us!

Discover the program

Succeed in all your interviews!

Grand Oral du BAC, job interview in a company or admissions oral, you will have to take an oral exam very soon. At the ECE, we coach you so that you can pass this interview with flying colors. And all the next ones! During a masterclass, you’ll learn how to manage your stress, sort out the right and wrong answers and convince your interviewer. All the tips you need to succeed in your future oral exams! (Free, but places are limited).

Follow our live conferences

ECE presentation by François STEPHAN, ECE General Manager

4 to 5 p.m.

ECE presentation

Conference by François STEPHAN, Managing Director of ECE

MasterClass – How to succeed in interviews / orals

Hosted by Isma ZMERLI, mentalist engineer

Updated 2 January 2024