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IT is a constantly evolving sector, and the number of related professions is multiplying in line with its dynamics. As one of the top recruiters, they are also varied. However, between the new professions, those that are better paid, those that are most in demand and those of the future, the choice can be difficult. What are the careers of the future in IT?

In summary:

  • Most jobs in the IT sector are jobs with a future.
  • Emerging professions are the most promising in the long term.
  • The IT professions that are recruiting the most are in big data, development and cybersecurity.

What are the new IT professions?

IT professionals have always found it relatively easy to find a job, as the industry is constantly recruiting. With the evolution of technology and the emergence of a wide range of communication and information tools, the number of future jobs in the IT sector is growing all the time.

Among the new IT professions of the future, we should mention the following:

  • Traffic Manager ;
  • Web integrator ;
  • Web content manager ;
  • Community Manager ;
  • Cybersecurity expert ;
  • Data protection officer ;
  • Data scientist ;
  • Data analyst.

What are the most in-demand IT professions today?

The emergence of the concept of “Big Data” and the increasing number of hacking and computer attacks have made certain IT professions more in demand. These include, in particular, :

  • Data Analyst and Data Scientist.
  • Support technician.
  • Cybersecurity expert.
  • Cloud Architect.
  • DevOps Software Developer.

What are the best-paid jobs in IT?

Once again, it’s the current context that influences the remuneration offered for different positions. Some IT jobs pay better than others. In recent years, they have tended to focus on cybersecurity, data, artificial intelligence and programming.

For those related to data, these trades are the following:

  • Director of Information Systems.
  • Data Manager.
  • Data Analyst.
  • Data scientist.

For those related to cybersecurity, they are the following:

  • Information systems security manager.
  • Cybersecurity expert.

For those related to artificial intelligence and programming, these include :

  • DevOps engineer.
  • Lead developer.
  • The software architect.

How to train for tomorrow’s IT professions with ECE?

There’s no better way to train for the jobs of the future in IT than at a school specializing in the field. At ECE, a leading school for digital engineering, we offer a wide range of programs to help you gain access to IT-related professions. Visit our website to find out more.

If you’d like to do a short course, our school offers a Bachelor’s degree in IT, enabling you to obtain a diploma at bac + 3 level.

If you prefer the long 5-year post-baccalaureate cycle, you can choose to take a Master of Science with us, to obtain a diploma at bac + 5 level.

We’re also an engineering school, giving you the chance to qualify as an engineer through our engineering program. This cycle gives you a diploma at bac + 5 level and offers a choice of several majors.

Train fast with ECE’s IT Bachelor’s degree

Our Bachelor’s degree in computer science is available after your A-levels. It teaches you the basics of computer science for the first two years, and lets you choose one of five specializations in the third year. If you need more time, you can even take this course as a sandwich course.

You can choose from the following specializations:

Follow the MSc in Computer Science at ECE

After a 3-year degree in an IT-related field, you can join our MSc program, which takes 2 years to complete and leads to a 5-year degree. Among the specializations available, you can opt for :

Discover the ECE Engineering Program

As an engineering school, ECE gives you the opportunity to follow an engineering program to obtain the title of engineer. All you have to do is choose the major that best matches your objectives. For access to the IT professions of the future, our school offers the Cybersecurity Major and the Cloud Engineering & Management Major.

You can consult our website at any time and go to our FAQ section to obtain further information on our programs.

Updated 31 May 2024