How do I choose a Data Analyst course?

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Lately, with the evolution of technology, new jobs linked to IT and digital are becoming more and more numerous. Data Analyst is one of the hottest jobs on the market, as it covers a wide range of sectors and is indispensable to most of them. In this article, we explain everything you need to know about the fast-growing job of Data Analyst.

In summary:

  • To become a Data Analyst, you’ll need at least 5 years of post-baccalaureate training.
  • Ideally, you should train as a Data Analyst at a specialized school or engineering college.
  • Master datamining techniques, programming languages and statistical analysis tools and techniques.

What is a Data Analyst and what are his or her missions?

As the translation suggests, a Data Analyst is a professional in charge of analyzing data. But what data? And for what purpose?

Every company has its own data, which can be linked to various aspects. These may include finance, human resources, logistics and many others. Thanks to the Internet, the various search engines and the available means of communication, a great deal of other information is also accessible.

All this information, whatever its nature, is classified as data. The Data Analyst then filters, sorts and processes them. All this is designed to support decision-makers in their choice of what action to take for the good of the company.

As a Data Analyst, you will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • manage a database by structuring it and sorting out the useful and important information that absolutely must be kept ;
  • analyze data, including statistical tests;
  • analytically translate the company’s and/or customers’ various problems and provide the most appropriate solutions, always based on data ;
  • keep a technological watch on the various data analysis tools used.

Why become a Data Analyst?

These days, training to become a Data Analyst can ensure that you’ll always be in business, as it’s a profession that’s recruiting more and more. With so much data available from so many sources, it’s essential to control the flow. This is precisely the main mission of a Data Analyst.

Losing control of data and failing to exploit it in the best possible way can lead a company to major losses. That’s why so many companies today call on the services of a data analyst.

If you’re one of the best in your field, you can work in a wide variety of sectors and earn a comfortable salary. What’s more, you’ll have the chance to move on to a wide range of jobs related to data management and processing.

What training should I take to become a Data Analyst?

Training to become a Data Analyst requires at least a 3-year degree in a field related to statistics, mathematics or computer science. However, to secure a position as a Data Analyst, the ideal is to have at least 5 years’ study in one of these fields.

By joining an engineering school like ECE, you can benefit from training specifically focused on Big Data analysis right from your first year of higher education.

What skills do you need to become a Data Analyst?

In addition to your personal qualities, you need to develop certain skills to become a Data Analyst and break into the Big Data world. Among other things, you need :

  • master datamining tools and techniques ;
  • master statistical analysis methods ;
  • know the different programming languages ;
  • know how to work on different operating systems;
  • knowledge of the latest software and data management tools.

What career paths are open to data analysts?

On our website, you can find out about all the career paths available to you as a Data Analyst. Go to our FAQ section to find out more about job opportunities and related professions. Among the most important are Chief Data Officer and Data Security Manager.

Which ECE training course can help you become a Data Analyst?

Join ECE to train as a Data Analyst. We are an engineering school offering a wide range of programs for all levels. To get the right training to become a Data Analyst, you can opt for an MSc Data Management & Artificial Intelligence, for example, and obtain a diploma at bac + 5 level.

After a bachelor’s or bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field, you can also join our Data & AI Major engineering program.

Updated 31 May 2024