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Choosing a direction in high school is important in determining your professional career. Thus, after graduation, the student knows which path to follow to reach his or her goal. If you dream of becoming a web developer or digital engineer, a computer science education is a must. We will explain how and why you should enter a computer science school.

Why would you want to go to a computer science school?

Since the transition to the digital age, computer programs have taken over our daily lives. Professionals and individuals use different tools to develop their business, which implies a strong demand for computer scientists, Java developers or website developers within companies. In fact, 75% of permanent hires are in the IT sector. This is the main reason to make students want to study computer science.

Given this constant evolution of the computer science profession, there are other positive points to consider when entering a computer science school:

  • a job-creating sector: the proliferation of new technologies and digital tools creates new jobs every day. Enrolling in a school of computer science is an opportunity to access a future profession;
  • A constantly evolving field : with the growing needs in the IT sector, digital innovations require new fresh ideas. A boon for the next generation of computer scientists;
  • evolve at the international level: as computer science is a universal language, you will be able to express your talents and skills at the international level. Note that French computer scientists are already well known in this field.

Which specialty should I choose in high school to enter a computer science school?

As early as high school, you should know that there are computer science majors. If you are in a general or technological school, you can start your digital initiation in the first or last year of high school.

A scientific baccalaureate or a baccalaureate with a specialization in ISN, Computer Science and Digital Sciences, will allow you to easily enter a school of computer science.

In the technological stream, there are 4 specialties that open the doors to computer science schools:

  • in the STMG stream, choose the SIG( management information system) speciality. You will learn the role of information technology in the management of a company;
  • In the STI2D stream, there are 2 specializations that orient you towards the digital world. The specific teaching SIN, information systems and digital teaches you the world of digital technology. The same is true for the ITEC or Technological Innovation and Eco-design specialization . A Bac ITEC allows you to enter computer science schools.

What subjects are taught in a computer science school?

When you have obtained your baccalaureate among these specializations, training in a computer science school or in an engineering school allows you to deepen your knowledge. The teachings in engineering schools, such as ECE, combine theoretical and practical aspects of computer science. Among the subjects taught during the curriculum, there are those focused on computer science:

  • web programming in general and project-oriented programming: server or distributed;
  • operating systems and network ;
  • computer architecture ;
  • database administration ;
  • analysis and design of information systems;
  • design of documents and digital interfaces;
  • development of mobile applications;
  • the methodology of application production ;
  • embedded and real time computing.

You will also learn essential subjects in the digital world and computer science such as :

  • enterprise information management;
  • communication and expression techniques in business;
  • English, law and entrepreneurship and the workplace.

Why choose to study computer science in an engineering school?

Choosing an engineering school to work in the computer industry can be a great option for a bachelor’s degree holder.

This type of institution offers its students the best experiences to acquire their knowledge. Learning about the digital world begins in the1st year with a 2-year preparatory cycle. Then, the future computer scientists will choose a progressive specialization from the3rd year to the5th year.

Engineering schools offer a professional curriculum that aims to train specialists corresponding to the needs of companies. Each program is dedicated to an evolving job market.

Note that engineering schools offer Bac+3 degrees in computer science and master’s degrees in computer science, Bac+5. These courses are recognized by the RNCP.

Is it necessary to do a preparatory course to enter a computer science school?

The MP2I scientific preparatory program is recommended if a general baccalaureate student wishes to attend a specific and recognized engineering school. To enter this preparatory program, the recommended specialties in high school are the scientific and ISN fields. Possible options are Computer Science or Industrial Engineering Science (IES).

It is also important to note that it is not compulsory to attend a computer science school. If you have chosen the technological streams, SMTG or ST2ID, a Bac ITEC or SIG opens the door to specialized establishments or the faculty.

What are the opportunities offered by a computer science school?

Given the development of digital technology in companies, there are many opportunities after training in a computer science school.

With a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, graduates of computer science schools are in great demand by recruiters. Web developers, analysts, programmers or specialists in artificial intelligence, the web profession is also promising. If you are considering a more responsible and higher paying position, a master’s degree in computer science is required. You can also go abroad to work as a computer scientist.

Updated 2 January 2024