Why go into IT?

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Have you always been fascinated by the computer field? Do you now wish to retrain in IT ? However, you still hesitate? If this is your problem, we are going to enlighten you through this article by explaining why you should switch to IT.

In summary:

Retraining in IT:

  • Allows you to make a living from your passion and to continually challenge yourself.
  • Requires special skills to stand out.
  • It has considerable advantages, but also disadvantages that must be taken into account.
  • This can be done by attending an engineering school, in a sandwich course or as an initial course.

Why change jobs to become a computer scientist?

Retraining in IT can come from any of the following:

  • you discover a new passion for computers and want to work in the field;
  • you want to create a safety net and still have a job;
  • Becoming a computer scientist offers you the possibility of integrating the world of the web and, if necessary, to discover other professions.

One or more of these reasons can easily push you to change jobs to become an IT specialist. Moreover, it is clear that this field has a lot to offer on both a personal and professional level. Indeed, computer science is a field where you must constantly push your limits.

The most sought-after IT skills by companies in 2023

Computer science is a complex and special field. This is why companies are looking for specific computer skills when recruiting. Among them, here are the most important ones:

  • Programming languages remain the most important factor on which the recruiter evaluates you. Here, it is generally Python, JavaScript, PHP or HTML ;
  • maintenance is also a strong point to have as an IT specialist. This obviously translates into the mastery of software related to this;
  • As a computer scientist, mastering test procedures and tools is also essential to do your job well;
  • Depending on their speciality, computer scientists may have to master all aspects of cyber security.

All of these computer skills are essential if you want to get noticed by a company in 2023. To do this, training in this profession is a must.

Retraining in IT, advantages and disadvantages

Going into IT is a choice that can bring many positive impacts to your life. Nevertheless, like anything else, this reconversion can also put you in front of certain difficulties that it is important to know in order to be better prepared.

On the one hand, here are the main benefits you can enjoy:

  • Computer science is a very broad field. Therefore, you can quickly find a job once you have completed the necessary training;
  • If you no longer want to work for a company, retraining in IT allows you to start working as a freelancer. This will then free you from office hours and you can manage your schedule as you see fit;
  • If you are ambitious and like to evolve, a career in IT is a great way to keep your mind stimulated;
  • One of the greatest advantages of IT is also the fact that this sector is constantly evolving. You will always have the opportunity to discover new opportunities and improve your skills.

On the other hand, here are the few disadvantages you may encounter:

  • As IT is an evolving world, you may need to do regular training. Although the basics generally remain the same, it is important to always update your knowledge. Otherwise, you risk losing your skills and therefore being less effective;
  • To retrain in the computer industry sometimes exposes you to some problems at the level of the price of your services, especially as an independent. This is because most have difficulty realizing the importance and difficulty of your work. You have to be very persuasive and prove your expertise every time.

A work-study program or initial training to learn computer science

To successfully retrain in IT, you have the choice of following a sandwich course or an initial course. This obviously depends on your status. In fact, work-study training is especially important if you are already active in the working world. As for the initial training, it is especially adapted if you are a student who wishes to retrain in computer science.

For your training,ECE is the school that offers you a complete education. All you have to do is determine exactly what area of IT you want to work in. Then, choose the right Bachelor’s degree. For example, you have the Web & Mobile Development Bachelor or the Cybersecurity & Networks Bachelor. After that, you can of course continue your studies with the specialization of your choice in a master’s degree. If you would like more information about this and all our programs, please visit the FAQ section.

Updated 2 January 2024