Why choose France to study computer science?

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Studying abroad is a dream for many students. Changing countries, meeting new people from different backgrounds, learning a language… it’s motivating! There is no shortage of places to study, so choosing the right one for you is no easy task. If you have decided to go or stay in France, you are making the right choice.

Why study computer science in France?

According to surveys, 9 out of 10 foreign students choose France to continue their studies. This choice can be explained by the quality and diversity of the programs in French universities and schools. The cultural wealth and quality of life make France the crossroads of Europe.

  • To study computer science, it is the perfect host country. With its various establishments, the quality of the training and the educational system, France opens up all the opportunities for your studies;
  • From high school to specialized schools or engineering schools, computer science has its place. In fact, as early as the first or last year of high school, a foreign student can choose a major in computer science;
  • In addition, students can learn the French language at their own pace, depending on their goals. For tuition, the state offers assistance depending on the student’s situation.

In what types of institutions can one study computer science in France?

Studying computer science in France starts in high school, even for foreign students. Once the BAC is obtained, the student has the choice between specialized schools, university or engineering schools for a BTS, a license or a master in computer science.

Studying computer science in high school

If you are still in high school, you should know that computer science is a full-fledged course of study in the first or last year of high school. As a foreign student, you can study computer science while learning French culture and language, whether you are in the general series or in the STMG and STI2D series.

Please note that the French government provides grants to supplement tuition fees. You will be able to devote yourself to your digital specialty while discovering France.

Once you have your BAC, you can continue your specialization in information. At the university or in a specialized school, the course of study is sanctioned by a BTS or a DUT.

Studying computer science in college

If you want to find a job quickly, a professional degree is a must. Within the faculties, the computer science curriculum follows the LMD system.

Even if you are an international student, you should know that most of the professional degree courses are offered in alternating years. At the end of 3 years, you obtain your computer science license. At the university, the curriculum saves you the 2 years of preparatory courses.

Once you have your bachelor’s degree in computer science, a master’s degree in computer science is in order. If you are among the best students, engineering schools, such as ECE, open their doors to you.

Study computer science in a specialized school

Specialized schools also offer computer training to foreign students. These institutions are accessible after the BAC, a preparatory class, a DUT or a BTS. Sometimes they can be integrated with M1 in mathematics or computer science.

  • Note that you must choose among the specializations granted by the institution. The school ensures that you are trained to obtain an internationally recognized diploma;
  • Depending on your specialty, the apprenticeship is oriented towards a professional training. Specialized schools accompany you until you graduate and are hired.

Studying computer science in engineering school

If you want to continue your studies in computer science in France, you should know that engineering schools are another option. With a BAC, a BTS or a BUT, a professional license, or an M1, you can register.

Depending on the institution, the duration of the courses and the admission criteria are different. Engineering schools offer generalist and shorter courses, with the CQP, Certificat de Qualification professionnelle. There are also professional titles in 1 year, specializations of BAC + 2 or master in computer science.

At ECE, for example, the program is focused on the current digital needs of companies. As international students, you have the choice between the information systems and cyber security major or big data analytics. The school also offers a bachelor’s degree in computer science in AI, data security developer or mobile web.

What to do after studying computer science in France?

Once you have earned your computer science degree, you should know that it is accepted by many countries around the world.

Even with a BAC + 2 or BAC + 3, companies are looking for newcomers in the professional world of IT. If you are looking for a position of responsibility and a more motivating salary, you should continue your studies with a master’s degree in computer science.

Once you have completed your course, your diploma is valid in France, Europe, the United States and Asia. Then you can start a professional career in a company, in France or elsewhere.

Can you study computer science and work at the same time?

Yes, both at the university and in private schools, you can study computer science in a sandwich course. Most specialized schools and faculties offer this type of training.

Between classes and internships, you can arrange your time to work. This option allows you to finance your studies, in addition to the French state aid.

Updated 2 January 2024