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Want to get the best computer training? Do you want to study in a comfortable environment? Do you want to find the best opportunities and find a job more easily when you finish your training? This article details where to study computer science in Paris.

In summary:

To study computer science in Paris:

  • You can choose to go to college.
  • The ideal is to enter an engineering school.
  • It is preferable to have a scientific baccalaureate or to have chosen the NSI, STMG or STI2D speciality.
  • Consider a work-study program to gain experience faster.

Where can I study computer science in Paris?

Computer science is one of the most popular fields of study these days because of the many opportunities it offers. Paris is a particularly good place to study computer science. You can go to a faculty or a public or private university. The ideal is even to integrate an engineering school, likeECE.

Why do you want to study computer science in Paris?

There are many reasons why you might want to study computer science in Paris:

  • As the capital of France, many opportunities are concentrated in Paris;
  • you have a wide choice of institutions and schools that teach computer science and digital technology;
  • the study environment is comfortable and pleasant;
  • there are more job offers after your studies;
  • it is easier to follow your training in alternation;
  • the presence of numerous infrastructures facilitates your movements in the whole city.

How to get into a school to study computer science in Paris after high school?

To study computer science in Paris, you ideally have to integrate an engineering school. To do this, you must prepare yourself since high school. You have a better chance of being accepted if you choose an NSI or Digital and Computer Sciences, STMG or Management Information Systems or STI2D specialization offering specific teaching in information systems and digital technology.

Then, the integration of an engineering school is generally done by competition and/or selection of files. The tests are naturally concentrated on the scientific subjects, hence the interest in making the right choice of specialty at the bac.

To study computer science in Paris after the baccalaureate, you can also do a one-year preparatory course before entering a school. What you can also do is to take a bachelor’s degree in a field related to computer science and then enter a school to do your master’s degree.

At ECE, it is possible to access the program of your choice from Bac + 1 to Bac + 5. Visit the school’s website to learn more about the admission process. Or, find answers to your questions by going to the FAQ section of the site.

What to do after studying computer science in Paris?

By studying computer science in Paris, you can expect to have many opportunities. Academically, you can choose a Bachelor’s degree, then do a Master’s degree and continue with a PhD if you are ambitious. Professionally, you can enter a large number of professions depending on your skills and level of education.

Among other things, you can become a programmer, an application developer, an IT security manager within a company, or a network administrator.

Which computer science course to choose at ECE Paris?

ECE is an engineering school which offers many courses in computer science in its campus in Paris. You can then choose to do your studies there. So, start with a bachelor’s degree in Web & Mobile Development, Cybersecurity Networking, Digital Business & Data, or Security Developer.

You can then opt for a master’s degree. Among other things, you have the possibility of doing an engineering cycle and choosing the Information Systems & Cybersecurity major. You can also decide to continue with MSc Manager of Cybersecurity at ECE.

How to finance your studies in computer science at ECE Paris?

ECE helps you to finance your computer science studies in Paris. Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for various grants and/or scholarships. Among other things, your tuition fees can be significantly reduced if you meet certain conditions, such as being a high-level athlete. You may also be eligible for a merit-based scholarship and aid package. Often you can get housing assistance. If you come from an overseas region or territory, you can even benefit from a mobility passport to study computer science in Paris. Of course, the JIT can make it easier for you to get a student loan.

Updated 2 January 2024