Choosing an engineering school: advice and criteria

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You want to enter an engineering school and start a career in this field? It is essential to be well informed about the profession as well as the training courses that allow you to access it in order to obtain a solid foundation. Indeed, choosing a program is not done lightly and must be based on a perfect knowledge of certain information.

How to choose your engineering school?

When choosing an engineering school, consider the following criteria:

  • The proposed specializations

Whether you are interested in digital, aeronautics, energy, or technology, make sure the institution has the resources to meet your needs and ambitions for specialization. In addition, it must have a fairly high profile in the field and its graduates must be sought after by employers.

  • The value of the diploma

The best engineering schools will add value and ensure that you maximize your chances in the job market. They usually hold networking events with recruiters.

  • Types of courses offered

The curriculum of an engineering school should emphasize the diversity of courses. Some may be purely theoretical, while others need to have access to the practical side so that learners can gain more experience.

At what level of study should I go to engineering school?

To enter an engineering school, you must have a high school diploma and follow a five-year program. If you choose the ECE Grande École Engineering Program, you will start with two years of preparatory cycle. In addition, it is possible to attend an engineering school after a preparatory course, a bachelor’s degree, or even studies at the baccalaureate level. Students will be oriented according to their level and the career they want to follow.

What are the specializations offered by the engineering school?

Students who enter theECE can choose a well-defined program. 3 programs and a variety of specializations are available to students. They may specialize in digital technology. Indeed, nowadays, digital technology takes an important place in society and is at the heart of various innovations. In addition, the IT track can cover a wide range of specializations such as computer science and software development, as well as Big Data expertise.

Is the engineering school course a sandwich course or an initial training course?

The dual system of study is almost common in engineering schools under the impetus of the NFIs. This type of training allows students to lead a professional and student life at the same time. During a work-study program, they benefit from specific courses that are more concrete. Indeed, they can easily grasp them thanks to the experience they have received in the company.

Students who choose an engineering school after a BTS or a DUT opt for a sandwich course. Indeed, their technological skills are highly valued by recruiters.

But it is also possible to follow another curriculum based on an initial training. Throughout their studies, students will have acquired all the knowledge, skills and know-how needed to move forward in the professional world. In addition to the theoretical training, he will take theoretical courses and complete internships in companies before obtaining his diploma.

What are the degrees awarded by the engineering school?

The school delivers diplomas at the level of Bac + 5 with the grade of Master. After years of study, the student will have to choose a field of specialization. It can also award degrees following a bachelor’s program and the student can obtain a bachelor’s degree. He can consider a professional career afterwards or continue his studies to obtain a master’s degree.

Is it possible to study abroad in an engineering school?

In a context of globalization, international stays are strongly recommended for students who want to stand out. Various engineering schools such as the ECE give their students the possibility to pursue a course of study abroad. Thus, they will have the opportunity to benefit from double degrees that are valid both on French territory and in certain foreign countries. The possibility of opening up internationally is the result of the various partnerships that engineering schools have.

What are the possible opportunities after engineering school?

The opportunities depend on the specialization you have chosen in the engineering school. You can work in different fields such as aeronautics, computer science, agronomy and civil engineering. You also have the possibility of working in the field of research and development, production, logistics or quality.

How to apply to the ECE, the engineering school?

Admission to the ECE is generally by competitive examination. The latter is aimed at candidates with a baccalaureate, baccalaureate 1, 2, 3 or 4. To register, go to the school’s website and view the information that corresponds to your situation. Indeed, the registration procedures are not the same for a student coming from France and one coming from a university abroad.

Updated 2 January 2024