How do I get into a computer engineering school?

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Computer engineering schools train students for computer science jobs. They prepare them for information systems and new technologies. If you want to get into this kind of school, you have to go through certain steps. You will find them in this article.

How do I get into a computer engineering school?

To get into a computer engineering school, you need to go through a few steps. Successful completion of the entrance exams is often a prerequisite for admission to an engineering school, whether you have just graduated from high school or are in the process of changing careers. Even if you have just finished a preparatory class, this is still a must for you.

Please note that selection may vary depending on the needs, criteria and expectations of the school you choose. You can take a competitive examination with written and oral tests, an interview or a simple study of your file.

You may also come across a facility that requires all of these processes at once. Indeed, some are much more selective. Otherwise, there are institutions that offer common competitions. This way, if you want to send your application to several schools, the process will be easier.

How to enter an engineering school after the BAC?

Do you want to enter an engineering school after your baccalaureate ? You will then have a wide choice of establishments, since half of the engineering schools are accessible after the baccalauréat. However, admission differs from school to school. There are those that go through common entrance examinations and those that have their own admission procedures.

In addition, to increase your chances of getting into your dream school, opt for a scientific baccalaureate. Nevertheless, this does not prevent baccalaureate holders of STI2D, STL and STAV and other options from enrolling. Otherwise, to enter an engineering school after the baccalaureate, you have two choices:

  • join a preparatory class in two years, then join a post-preparatory school in an engineering program;
  • apply directly to a post-baccalaureate engineering school and provide an application file. However, your file must be well balanced.

How to enter an engineering school with a BAC+1, 2, 3?

If you wish to enter an engineering school with a BAC+1, 2 or 3, you can go through the parallel admissions process or admissions on title. For example, if you have completed a classic bac+1, you can enter an engineering school with a bac+2. However, the option you have chosen must be consistent with the new engineering curriculum. Your admission will be considered on a case-by-case basis. You will have to pass an interview, a competition or wait for a selection of files.

It is also possible that the institution will ask you to redo your bac+1. If you have a BTS, a BUT, a licence 2 (L2), a licence 3 (L3), admission on title will allow you to enter an engineering school with a Bac+2 or Bac+3. Be aware that some schools admit nearly half of their enrollment through this method, while others offer only a few spots.

How to enter an engineering school with a BAC+4?

To enter a school of engineering in Bac+4, you have two choices:

  • go through parallel admissions :
  • with a licence 2 (Bac+2) with an excellent level in mathematics;
  • with a license 2 with pre-prep options;
  • with a licence 3 (bac+3) ;
  • with a professional license with a well-balanced file, a coherent professional project and a great motivation;
  • with a DUT or a BTS corresponding to the specialty of the chosen school;
  • with a bachelor’s degree from an engineering school.
  • go through a competitive process.

How to get into ECE, the private engineering school?

ECE is are now ned private engineering school . It is ranked in the Top 10 of the best post-bac engineering schools in France. Admission to this institution is by competitive examination, the modalities of which are different for each situation. You can register for the JIT in 4 options:

  • with a scientific baccalaureate and enter the integrated preparatory cycle (ING1 and ING2);
  • with a bachelor’s degree and integrate the integrated preparatory cycle (ING1 and ING2);
  • with a Bac+2 or Bac+3 (L2/L3, DUT, Spé TSI, ATS) and enter year 1 of the engineering cycle;
  • with a bac+4 and enter the second year of the engineering cycle. Note that in the second and third years of the engineering cycle, you must choose your specializations from among the 8 majors, 8 minors and 11 in-depth options.
Updated 2 January 2024