How do I find a school for a work-study program?

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Do you want to acquire the basics and skills needed to enter a profession you enjoy and excel in your field? Do you want the best training to help you get a job? Do you want to combine theory and practice throughout your studies? This article explains how to find the right school for a work-study program .

In summary:


  • Is a learning modality available in most engineering schools.
  • Combines the theory learned in class with practice.
  • Has a more professional vocation than a standard training.
  • Allows for quicker access to a first job.

How to find a school for a work-study program?

To complete your work-study program, you not only need to find the program you want to study, but also the right school. You should then consider several factors, including the following:

  • choose a school that offers awork-study program;
  • Make sure that this institution has the program you want to study;
  • make sure you find a school with a campus in the same city as you or in a city you want to move to;
  • Also consider the diploma or certificate awarded at the end of the training and ensure that it is recognized;
  • consider the proposedwork-study schedule;
  • find the list of schools offering a work-study program online or ask former students directly;
  • Always make sure you know about the school you are planning to attend. This is to verify the conformity of the training it offers with your expectations.

What are the advantages of a work-study program?

Thework-study program involves you taking theoretical courses at your school while doing practical work in the company. For this reason, it provides many benefits, including the following:

  • thealternation has a professionalizing virtue;
  • it usually gives you access to your first job;
  • You can obtain a diploma at the end of your training while acquiring some experience in a company;
  • you can be retained as a permanent employee in the company where you do your work-study;
  • thealternation makes you directly operational after your training;
  • you will acquire the status of an employee while still studying.

Is it possible to find a work placement before school?

Most often, students tend to find their school before their work-study program. However, the reverse is possible and you can find your work-study program before the establishment. This may even work in your favor for your application to the school.

The schools are then responsible for selecting the students they deem suitable for their courses and/or programs. If you have already found your work-study program, you have a much better chance of being accepted into the school of your choice.

Is it possible to look for a work-study program after having been accepted into your school or training establishment?

The most logical and common pattern is to find a work-study program after being accepted into an institution. Indeed, a great number of schools which propose a training in alternation like theECE work in partnership with companies. They are then responsible for putting their students in contact with them to facilitate their access towork-study programs.

Often, they also make sure to coach them on how to write resumes and cover letters. At ECE, the school also helps you to prepare yourself by giving you the possibility to simulate interviews. For more information aboutapprenticeship at ECE, please visit our website or check our FAQ section.

How to stand out in an interview to find the work-study program of your dreams?

Work-study is a learning option that appeals to a large number of students. To distinguish yourself from the other candidates, follow these tips:

  • apply as soon as possible;
  • clearly describe your education and skills;
  • particularly value those related to the position proposed for thework-study program;
  • Find out about the company you are planning to join, its activities and interests.

Which contract to choose for a work-study program?

For a work-study program, you normally have the choice between an apprenticeship contract and a professionalization contract. In the first case, your theoretical training is given greater priority than your practical training in the company. The professionalization contract, on the other hand, is more professionalizing and gives priority to your training in the company.

Updated 2 January 2024