Becoming an innovation project manager: training, skills and missions

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An innovation project manager is often the unsung hero of a successful project. It plays an essential role. He is responsible for coordinating and facilitating communication between the various teams and stakeholders involved. This can be a difficult task, especially when different team members have different priorities and agendas.

What is an Innovation Project Manager?

An innovation project manager is responsible for managing an organization’s innovation strategies, activities and opportunities. His responsibilities focus on the development of new products, services or processes. This innovation is expected to have an impact on the company’s ability to grow in the future. It allows it to create unique value internally and externally.

Innovation leaders can come from a variety of sectors. However, they still need to have excellent skills. They are able to demonstrate interdisciplinary thinking. They are decisive and not afraid to take risks.

An innovation manager must combine a variety of interests and tasks. Indeed, it serves as an interface between business, technology and creativity. He is working on ways to map and document the flow of ideas and knowledge within an organization. This allows for the development of new ideas and the launch of projects based on existing know-how.

Innovation project managers are responsible for the realization of a high quality final product. It must meet the expectations of customers. They are able to adapt their budget process to the needs of each project. This can range from developing a detailed budget to allocating a certain amount of money for unexpected problems.

What are the missions of the Innovation Project Manager?

The Innovation Project Manager researches, defines and coordinates project stages and releases to ensure the value of sprints or sub-stages. This allows for greater flexibility, as well as a better understanding of howeach stage of the project contributes to the final product.

Innovation leaders review new and promising technologies with experts to find examples of real-world applications. If market potential arises, they are mainly responsible for developing prototypes, checking their practical applicability and accompanying them to final development.

During these processes, the innovation management specialist also analyzes potential related business areas. It also studies the potential to link the company’s future or existing products and technologies in a new context.

Why become an innovation project manager?

As each project is different, each set of challenges will vary. This encourages you to review and adapt your work style. You can learn from past mistakes. The role of a project manager often evolves to give you the opportunity to learn new skills.

Project managers may be required to travel to different destinations for a variety of reasons. This may involve monitoring the progress of the project, making new contacts or discussing new project ideas.

It is impossible to be bored in the field of project management. The nature of this work is one of constant change and evolution. New challenges and objectives emerge. It’s ideal for someone who likes to stay busy.

The project life cycle includes the planning, execution and closure of a project. This means that there are always opportunities to work with new products, technologies and services in a number of different sectors.

How much does an innovation project manager earn?

In general, some large companies have more motivating salaries than smaller ones. You will also be eligible for variable bonuses.

A person working as a project manager in France usually earns around 60,000 euros per year. Salaries range from EUR 33,000 (lowest) to EUR 90,000 (highest). Remuneration varies greatly depending on experience, skills, social status and location.

The median salary is 55,000 euros per year. Half (50%) of those working as project managers earn less than 56,000 euros and the other half more than 57,000 euros.

What are the requirements to become an Innovation Project Manager?

Innovation project managers are versatile and resourceful workers. In addition to having the appropriate degree or taking a project management certification course, you must have the appropriate skills to become a project manager. Typically, a bachelor’s or graduate degree in a related field and several years of industry experience are required for this position. Certification courses develop technical skills such as risk management, budgeting, leadership, etc. You can follow a training in a specialized school such as ECE.

Updated 2 January 2024