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6th place in the 2023 General Ranking of Engineering Schools

ECE is ranked 6th in the General Ranking of Engineering Schools.

Since its inception, the ECE has been unique in combining three dimensions.

  • The opportunity to personalize your career path throughout the 5 years.
  • The variety of partnerships available to us.
  • The course’s professionalism.

Proximity to companies

For proximity to companies, ECE came2nd out of 131.

ECE has over 1,000 partner companies in many different fields. These collaborations give all our students the opportunity to meet new people, forge lasting relationships and build their professional network. They also play an active role in enriching the school’s pedagogy.

  • 136 graduates from the last 3 years have started a business
  • 330 hours is the average time spent in the engineering cycle on projects proposed by companies.
  • 29.13 is the percentage of course hours taught by company professionals.

Professional integration

The ECE ranks2nd out of 131 for the professional insertion index;

ECE offers generalist courses with a growing emphasis on digital technology, enabling our young graduates to move into all business sectors.

  • 45,624 is the median gross annual salary, excluding bonuses and theses, of graduates from the penultimate class.
  • 96.71 percentage of graduates from the penultimate year in employment with a permanent contract in January.
  • 96 percentage of graduates who found a job in less than 2 months.
  • 52 weeks of compulsory internships throughout the engineering cycle.


ECE is ranked 8th out of 131 for international business.

ECE gives you the chance to train abroad. This opportunity allows you to open up to others, discover other cultures and improve your foreign language skills.

  • 22.37% is the proportion of graduates employed abroad six months after graduation.
  • 69.26% of students spent a semester or more on an academic exchange.
  • 9.02% of students have spent 6 months or more on work placements abroad.

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Updated 2 January 2024