French Robotics Cup inaugurated on Eiffel 1 campus

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The Robotics Back-to-School event was held last Saturday, September 9, on the Eiffel campus.

It was organized jointly by Eceborg and Planète Science. What do they have in common? Planète Science is a national network working, among other things, on the design and production of robots, and Eceborg is an ECE robotics association. They both promote innovation and know-how among young people.

Planète Science organizes the French Robotics Cup, in which Eceborg takes part.

The back-to-school event included the presentation of the regulations for the 2024 edition, inaugurating the opening of registrations at the same time. Nearly 250 people attended. The atmosphere was both constructive and convivial during the debates on the regulations and the aperitif served for the guests. The event was also available live on Twitch and YouTube. A big thank you to the audience and a big cheer for the participants!

Updated 2 January 2024