What are the opportunities in renewable energies?

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Today’s world is promoting energy transition to limit the effects of climate change and environmental degradation. This move towards renewable energies is creating a host of new jobs, as it requires the involvement of professionals at every stage of the process. In this article, we introduce you to the opportunities in renewable energies.

In summary:

  • The renewable energies sector offers a wide range of both academic and professional opportunities.
  • It’s a multi-disciplinary sector that allows you to specialize in several areas.
  • Choose maintenance or installation if you prefer manual work.
  • With the right training, you can manage or pilot a project.
  • You also have the option of moving into research and development.

What does the renewable energies sector consist of?

The renewable energies sector is all about achieving the energy transition that is now being promoted all over the world. This explains its rapid growth and the large number of new jobs it has created in recent years.

One of the main reasons for its existence is to promote alternative energies to fossil fuels. The latter, while practical, are actually considered polluting and therefore harmful to the environment. One of the solutions proposed and accepted to considerably curb climate damage is to turn more to renewable energies.

Their sources are numerous and include wind, water, heat and biomass. Each involves the use of a specific technique to create energy and be profitable. The professionals in the renewable energies sector are then responsible for implementing them, hence the large number of recruitments in the field.

Why do you want to work in renewable energies?

These days, there are many reasons why you might want to work in renewable energies. First of all, it’s a sector that massively recruits professionals of different categories, specialized in a wide variety of interrelated branches.

The average salary offered in the sector is reasonable, and some executive and managerial positions even pay comfortably. What may also motivate you is that the opportunities in renewable energies are so varied that the majority of jobs are open-ended.

It’s also a dynamic sector that evolves with technology and the global context. It’s a guarantee that you’ll thrive in the sector and discover your interest in a wide range of activities throughout your career.

What opportunities are there in the renewable energies sector?

The renewable energies sector is booming, and new professions are multiplying and varying in line with the sector’s needs. There is a wide choice of jobs for technicians, manual workers, engineers, researchers and consultants. It’s simply a matter of identifying the specific area that interests you in particular, so that you can train in it.

If you’d like to get involved in system maintenance, operation, various checks and tests, you could potentially become an installer, technician or technical agent. If you prefer research and development, you’ll need to opt for a longer training course to become an engineer. With a certain level of expertise, you can become a consultant, or even manage a project.

What kind of training in renewable energies can I get at ECE?

To train in renewable energies, ideally choose a good engineering school that offers programs tailored to your goals. At ECE, we have programs that will give you access to careers in the renewable energy sector. Find out more about them on our website and, if you need information, in our FAQ section.

To qualify as an engineer, we suggest you join our engineering cycle and choose the Energy & Environment major available in Paris. Still in the capital, we also suggest the alternative of opting for an MSc sustainable energy futures program, at the end of which you will receive a diploma at bac + 5 level.

What careers does ECE’s renewable energy training prepare you for?

The renewable energy training courses we offer at ECE are designed to prepare you for interesting and varied careers that are currently recruiting.

By choosing to follow our MSc sustainable energy futures program, you will normally have everything you need to access the following renewable energy opportunities:

  • consultant in energy efficiency and sustainable development ;
  • energy infrastructure operation/maintenance manager ;
  • smart energy network manager ;
  • energy purchasing manager ;
  • building energy specialist ;
  • project manager in renewable energies ranging from photovoltaics to solar thermal, thermodynamic, wind and hydro power.

By opting for the Energy & Environment Major in our engineering program, you can become, in particular :

  • operating engineer ;
  • energy efficiency engineer ;
  • building energy design engineer ;
  • environmental/QSE/CSR engineer ;
  • sustainable development engineer ;
  • development project manager ;
  • energy and environment manager.
Updated 31 May 2024