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The Digital Shift program

Gateway to ECE MSc programs for generalists

  • Duration: 12 months
  • Start date: September 2023
  • ECTS credits : 60
  • Language of instruction : French

Presentation of the Digital Shift Program

Because digitalization, data management, AI and cybersecurity are the concern of all the professions and functions of companies and organizations and because they will need more and more profiles combining the mastery of technologies with business management expertise and leadership talents, the ECE “Digital Shift” Program offers a one-year refresher course to students wishing to pursue their training in the digital engineering sector without having the prerequisites.

The “Digital Shift” program is open to generalist profiles (BAC+3 in management, communication, political science, etc.) and has a triple objective

  • To provide knowledge of the different professions and issues in digital engineering.
  • Develop the computer science skills (programming, algorithms, data bases, networks & cloud) necessary for further study in this sector.
  • Master the mathematical and statistical tools that are essential to approaching the fields of software development, cybersecurity and Data professions.

The proposed program draws on the experience of our faculty, as well as that of many experts and professionals working in our partner companies.

The objectives of the Digital Shift program


training leading to a diploma from an institution at the Bac+4 level

Opt for

for an adapted refresher program, combining sectoral knowledge, managerial know-how and technical expertise

Have access,

at the end of the training, to continue your studies, within the ECE MSc Programs, in the digital engineering sectors (software development, cybersecurity, data engineering, etc.)

Applications from French students or international students living in France

Applications from international students residing in
outside France

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Updated 8 March 2024