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Founded in 2017, DataScientest is theEuropean leader in Data Science training for professionals and individuals in France.

Its range of courses reinforces the offering of the OMNES Education group and its ECE engineering school in the fast-growing fields of Data, Cyber and Dev.

The distinctive feature of the DataScientest pedagogical model lies in its reverse-campus approach, with 100% online training including time for independent learning (85%) and master classes (15%).

What’s more, the DataScientest platform offers a 100% ready-to-code environment, ideal for putting theoretical knowledge into practice.”

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A benchmark player

Data, Cyber, Tech courses offered in a variety of pedagogical formats (Bootcamp, Long Course, Work-study)

10 curricula

5 Data courses, 3 expert courses (Deep Learning, ML Ops, Data Marketing), 2 Tech DevOps / Cyber courses

2 Cloud training courses

Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS

3 short courses in Data

Excel, Power BI, Data Product Management

Academic recognition

  • 2 Data courses leading to RNCP n°7 qualifications (Bac+5)
  • 1 DevOps course leading to a professional qualification (Bac+3/Bac+4) registered with the RNCP
  • 1 Cyber course leading to an RS

Updated 2 January 2024