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Looking for a school to continue your studies, you are not sure which path to choose to become a webdesigner? Do you really know this job? This is a job for creative students who are passionate about the web. In collaboration with the art director, the graphic designer and the web integrator, the web designer creates the graphic design of the website. In other words, it develops its graphic charter. This requires a certain amount of skill. Therefore, you will need to take a training course. Zoom on the curriculum to be a professional in this field.

What course of study should I choose to become a web designer?

Which studies to become a webdesigner? This question is asked by many students wishing to go down this path. To help you better understand, discover the options available to you:

  • BTS Visual Communication with a multimedia option, audiovisual professions;
  • DUT Multimedia and Internet professions (MMI), Computer science, Computer engineering.

You can also choose from these tracks:

  • Audiovisual and multimedia license ;
  • Professional degree in mathematics, computer science and technology, image and sound techniques and activities;
  • Professional degree in science, technology, health and communication techniques.

Then, to obtain a master’s degree, here are two courses that allow you to become a webdesigner:

  • Professional Master’s Degree in Image Arts and Technologies ;
  • Professional Master’s degree in culture and communication, specializing in interface design.

If you still want to continue your studies, the ECE specialized school offers 3 or 5 years training to become a webdesigner.

Which baccalaureate to do to become a webdesigner?

You’re probably wondering what kind of degree you need to become a web designer. Which is more appropriate: a general BAC or a professional BAC? Although the majority of choices are for general baccalaureates, there are other profiles suitable for this profession. Literary and technological profiles can also become web designers.

The technological BAC STI2D is also a way to access this profession. Most of the vocational or technological baccalaureates come from the STI2D baccalaureate (Sciences and Technologies of Industry and Sustainable Development). Those who have a professional bac SEN (Digital Electronic Systems) can also go for it, because they have computer skills.

What is the job of a webdesigner?

This rather technical job brings together art and computer science. If you want to become a web designer, here are the tasks you will be assigned:

  • A webdesigner designs and creates web pages to make them attractive. More precisely, it ensures the visual identity of the site by taking into account the expectations of the users. Thus, this profession rhymes with creativity and technique. It requires skills in graphic design, ergonomics or programming;
  • a Webdesigner is in charge of the creation and design of graphic charts. It determines in advance the tree structure of the site. He chooses all the details, such as illustrations, banners, animations, colors, fonts and characters;
  • This professional masters DTP tools: he designs models. He has a global image of the final product and ensures its realization;
  • He can sometimes work with other experts such as the web designer and computer developers;
  • A web designer directly controls the work of graphic designers, computer graphics designers and web integrators. By taking into account the technical constraints, he is sometimes led to join the artistic and functional aspects of the site. Its objective is to have a perfect rendering.

How many years does it take to train to become a webdesigner?

Several training courses are available to become a webdesigner. They offer courses that last from 2 to 5 years, depending on the school and the degree you wish to obtain. A training in web design takes place in schools specialized in design, graphic design or visual communication.

What qualities do you need to become a webdesigner?

A webdesigner must have certain qualities to be professional:

  • an acute artistic sense: thanks to this faculty, he is able to see the whole site via a simple brief;
  • an open mind: this quality allows the webdesigner to be up to date on the latest news in the art and web world;
  • a sense of rigor and organization: in order for a site to be functional, it must be created with precision. This point is essential, because it ensures the visual identity of the site;
  • Able to work in a team and under pressure;
  • sense of anticipation: a professional webdesigner should have technological tools in hand and present them at any time to improve websites. He must also master the various tools: Photoshop and Illustrator, Flash and After Effects, Dreamweaver and programming languages;
  • proficiency in English.
Updated 2 January 2024