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Would you like to become an SAP consultant? To do this job, you need to have certain qualities and skills. It’s also essential to have the right education and a diploma to earn an attractive salary. Find out all about the job of SAP consultant: its missions, the advantages of this position, the studies to follow, the salary and other important points.

In summary:

  • The SAP Consultant implements, customizes and optimizes SAP software solutions for various fields.
  • Tasks include needs analysis, custom solution design, SAP module configuration, user training, and integration with other systems.
  • Becoming an SAP consultant offers professional opportunities, collaboration with major companies, improved operational efficiency, job stability and promising career prospects.

What is an SAP Consultant?

An SAP Consultant is a professional specializing in the implementation, customization and optimization of SAP software solutions. The latter offers a complete range of useful software for various fields such as human resources management, financial management and logistics. The SAP Consultant ‘s role is to understand a company’s needs and design appropriate SAP solutions to improve business processes. From the design phase through to implementation and maintenance, it plays a key role in optimizing information systems. He is required to adapt solutions to the needs of each company department.

SAP is one of the world’s leading suppliers of enterprise software.

What does an SAP Consultant do?

SAP Consultants have a wide range of missions. In general, they encompass an entire process that is crucial to the smooth running of a company’s information systems. This includes :

  • analyzing the needs of customers or the company in which the professional works;
  • designing customized SAP solutions ;
  • configuring SAP modules according to specific requirements :
  • user training.

The SAP consultant is also responsible for integrating SAP modules with other company systems. This includes managing software updates and optimization to ensure maximum performance.

Depending on the company or organization they work for, consultants may have to manage or work on several projects at once.

Why become an SAP consultant?

Becoming an SAP consultant offers countless career opportunities. For example, you’ll have the opportunity to work in large (and well-known) companies. Indeed, large firms often call on software professionals to ensure the security of their data. You’ll have the chance to collaborate with professionals from different sectors and expand your network.

As an SAP consultant, you’ll be helping to improve the operational efficiency of a company or organization. To achieve this, you will implement cutting-edge technological solutions.

An SAP consultant is in great demand on the market. The worldwide demand for SAP experts guarantees job stability and promising career prospects.

How much does an SAP consultant earn?

Salaries for SAP Consultants are among the most attractive in the digital sector. However, it varies according to experience, skills, geographical location and sector of activity. In general, SAP consultants enjoy competitive salaries, often higher than the average in the IT sector. In addition to remuneration, they enjoy numerous benefits such as bonuses and fringe benefits. Career development opportunities can also contribute to overall compensation.

An SAP consultant with proven experience earns a high salary: between €45,000 and €65,000 a year. Years of experience show that the professional has the necessary qualifications, skills and knowledge. The consultant will successfully complete the projects entrusted to him/her. It is therefore advisable to study or train with a school that encourages internships. These will form part of your professional experience and enhance your application file.

What does it take to become an SAP Consultant?

To become an SAP Consultant, we recommend a degree in computer science, information systems management, engineering or a related field. You can obtain it by training at an accredited school like ECE. The latter offers programs that can help you launch your career as an SAP consultant. It’s up to you to choose the course that suits your qualities and goals.

By training with ECE, you will benefit from several advantages. Among other things, you can acquire the necessary knowledge. You’ll also be doing internships. Practical experience and a thorough understanding of business processes are beneficial. They enable us to understand specific customer needs, propose effective solutions and discover the world of work.
Specific SAP certifications are also highly appreciated and can reinforce your credibility as an SAP consultant.

Updated 31 May 2024