Everything you need to know about the Data Manager job: studies, salary…

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Among the new Big Data professions, the data manager is one of the most popular with young graduates. With both technical and administrative tasks, it occupies an important place within an organization. Find out everything you need to know about the company’s missions, salary and studies.

In summary:

  • The job of Data Manager is central to Big Data.
  • This professional supervises the collection, storage and use of data, while ensuring legal compliance.
  • To succeed in this field, you generally need to have a 5-year higher education degree in computer science.
  • Salaries vary according to experience, with opportunities for advancement to Chief Data Officer or consultant positions.

What is a Data Manager?

A Data Manager is a professional specializing in data management. It plays an important strategic role within the company. It oversees data collection and storage. As an expert, he is responsible for exploiting databases to boost team performance.

Information and software must be accessible and operational to serve the interests of the company concerned. This is particularly true in the marketing sector, where data can be used to establish decisive strategies.

He differs from a data analyst or data scientist, who carries out in-depth analyses and studies. The Data Manager classifies and creates the database. He is responsible for setting up IT system architectures.

This professional also ensures legal compliance, particularly concerning compliance with the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation).

What does a data manager do?

The missions of a data manager are varied, and all essential to the smooth running of a company. This Data specialist works closely with the technical teams to implement innovative solutions. His main responsibilities include :

  • data collection policy development ;
  • selecting the data to be collected, determining their source and format ;
  • guarantee their quality;
  • checking data validity and reliability ;
  • drawing up specifications ;
  • coordination of data collection to ensure compatibility of new data with company software;
  • error elimination ;
  • add missing information ;
  • dashboard creation and database management ;
  • preliminary analysis of results ;
  • securing information ;
  • facilitating the flow of data between departments ;
  • communication of results to the entities concerned.

To carry out their missions successfully, data managers need to master SA software and data management tools. In addition to solid technical skills, he needs to have a good knowledge of the market.

Why become a data manager?

A career as a Data Manager puts you at the heart of a market with growing demand. There are a multitude of job opportunities.

As a data management professional, you make a significant contribution to a company’s operational efficiency. Many large-scale projects call for your expertise.

With so many different companies looking for data management experts, you can join any industry. A data manager is a versatile expert. He can work in a variety of fields, including healthcare, finance and commerce.

A data manager has strong career development potential. As your experience and expertise grow, you can become Chief Data Officer. As you move up to this position, you’ll be taking on more important operations. You can also set up your own data consulting agency.

How much does a data manager earn?

At the start of your career as a Data Manager, you’ll earn between 2,000 and 2,600 euros gross per month. Specialized recruitment agencies define the median salary for this expert at around 2,066 euros per month.

Company size and experience also influence remuneration. It’s important to accumulate data management assignments as soon as you graduate from a top business school. An intermediate data manager earns between 3,000 and 4,000 euros a month.

Remuneration increases according to responsibilities and assignments. A senior data manager can expect to earn up to €80,000 a year. This varies according to the sector in which it operates and its areas of expertise.

What kind of training do you need to become a data manager?

To become a Data Manager, you generally need to have a higher education in computer science. Recruiters require a 5-year degree or a Master’s degree. You can obtain it by enrolling in a data management engineering school.

ECE, our engineering school specialized in data management, offers the MSc data Management & Artificial Intelligence program. It lasts two years and trains students in computer data management and processing techniques. This course enables you to master SQL-type query languages or data query language.

This program is open to holders of a bac +3 in scientific and technical fields, particularly computer science. Eligible students can enter our M1 program directly.

Updated 31 May 2024