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Faced with the challenges of Big Data and new technologies, companies are turning more and more to cloud computing. This complex yet essential field has given rise to many new professions, such as cloud consultants. Find out more about this innovative profession in this article, starting with its role and missions. We also reveal the advantages of this position and the best ways to train for it.

In summary:

  • Cloud consultants are specialists in cloud computing, advising companies on their cloud solutions and optimizing their infrastructures.
  • This profession offers great flexibility and very attractive salaries.
  • A 5-year degree in IT with a specialization in Cloud, Security and Infrastructure is recommended for this position.
  • The Cloud Engineering & Management major at ECE is one of the possible training options.

What is a Cloud Consultant?

A Cloud Consultant is a specialist in cloud computing technology and virtual computer data. His role is to guide companies in their choice of cloud solutions, by providing strategic advice. His role is to set up cloud systems or optimize existing infrastructures.

It develops tailor-made strategies and seeks to improve data storage. It must take into account the specific needs of each customer and adapt to the context. Thanks to their expertise, Cloud Consultants contribute to the modernization and performance of organizations’ IT systems.

What does a Cloud Consultant do?

The tasks of a cloud consultant can vary depending on the customer and their requirements. In addition to its role in supporting digital transformation, it must align itself with the strategic objectives defined by its employer. His main responsibilities include :

  • precise audits and diagnoses of the company’s system;
  • choosing the type of cloud best suited to the organization’s needs (public, private, hybrid, multicloud) ;
  • maintenance and operation of the cloud infrastructure in place;
  • advice on system security ;
  • network management in a cloud environment ;
  • optimizing cloud performance and ensuring its smooth operation;
  • rigorous application of the IT security policy to guarantee the protection of sensitive data;
  • implementation of a backup policy to ensure continuity of operations;
  • comprehensive technical support tailored to the specific needs of each context;
  • analysis of technical reports from development teams to identify corrective actions;
  • measuring the efficiency of the new infrastructure.

Why become a Cloud Consultant?

There are many advantages to becoming a Cloud Consultant , not least the abundance of requests and potential customers. With the growing awareness of the importance of the cloud, more and more companies are looking to move towards this system. So you’ll have no trouble finding projects that suit you.

As a consultant, you can work in a variety of sectors. Financial services, transport, the medical sector and energy infrastructures are all sectors in which you can play an active role.

By working on a variety of projects, you’ll develop a wide range of skills. The wide range of assignments means you can enjoy enriching experiences while solving strategic problems.

Cloud consultants work with both large companies and start-ups. You have the opportunity to develop a rich professional network, thanks to your collaborations.

An extensive network can open doors to profitable partnerships and help you win new business. It’s all down to recommendations. Your challenge is to build your brand image.

This job offers great flexibility. You can work remotely and intervene in companies worldwide.

How much does a Cloud Consultant earn?

Several criteria, such as experience, skills and geographical location, define the salary of a Cloud Consultant. The size of the company, the nature of the assignment and its duration are also factors to be taken into consideration. In 2024, the average salary of an entry-level cloud consultant is estimated at €41,500 per year.

With continued development of your skills, it’s possible to reach an annual salary of around 50,000 euros. For the most experienced or senior consultants, salaries can rise to 74,000 euros a year.

These figures illustrate the potential for salary progression. Expertise is particularly valued in this field.

What does it take to become a Cloud Consultant?

To become a cloud consultant, you need a 5-year degree in IT with a specialization in Cloud, Security and Infrastructure. This may be a Master’s degree or equivalent. You can obtain this diploma by joining a renowned engineering school.

Indeed, an academic background is necessary to establish a foothold in the market and master the basics of the trade. During our training courses, you’ll learn how to take charge of system deployment, storage and data management.

ECE offers you the Cloud Engineering & Management Major program. It is designed for students who want to become cloud consultants. Accessible from year 4ᵉ upwards, this training course extends over a 2-year period.

The aim of this program is to help you design and operate cloud solutions. It trains you to master the algorithms and infrastructures of Big Data.

Updated 31 May 2024