What are the jobs in artificial intelligence?

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In summary:

Artificial intelligence professions:

  • These include both traditional and new emerging professions.
  • They recruit a lot and are very varied.
  • These include programming, big data and design.
  • They are open-ended and give access to many other career opportunities.

What are the main careers in artificial intelligence?

The development and expansion of artificial intelligence is opening up many new career opportunities. Some of the main careers in artificial intelligence are more sought-after than others.

Data Scientist

The Data Scientist is an indispensable professional in any company that uses artificial intelligence as part of its business development strategy. It is one of the first parties responsible for data processing and use. Any company generally calls on this professional when it has Big Data that needs to be properly managed.

In this role, you’ll need to be comfortable with numbers and statistics.

Data Architect

Within any company, whatever its core business, the position of Data Architect is a strategic one, with a high level of responsibility. By accessing it, you can compile the available data to effectively solve company problems or draw up plans for its smooth running.

Data Analytics Consultant

Any project requiring control or reliable processing of data on a temporary or permanent basis can call on the services of a Data Analytics Consultant. This is indeed one of the artificial intelligence professions that have emerged because of the sheer quantity of information available these days.

Data Analytics Manager

Most IT and artificial intelligence professions are interrelated. Some evolve into others, depending on your performance, interests and experience. After gaining experience in other IT professions, you can usually move up to Data Analytics Manager if you particularly excel in your job.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer is a typical job in the artificial intelligence sector. It involves designing, developing and implementing intelligent systems to meet companies’ data analysis and processing needs.

Why would you want to work in artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is an emerging sector, and the new professions associated with it are becoming increasingly numerous. This gives IT enthusiasts access to a wider range of jobs and opportunities.

Artificial intelligence also complements several other branches of computer science, enabling you to work in a multidisciplinary and evolving environment. Depending on your ambitions and preferences, it’s pretty easy these days to earn a good salary in a career in artificial intelligence.

What are the essential skills needed for a career in artificial intelligence?

If you work in the field of artificial intelligence, you’re bound to hold a position of great responsibility. Indeed, this sector can have an impact on many aspects of the business, so it’s imperative to make good use of it. To be able to do a job in this sector properly, you need certain skills.

Among the most essential are :

  • mastery of computer languages and programming ;
  • excellent analytical skills;
  • strong organizational skills;
  • command of foreign languages, especially English;
  • an acute sense of detail, precision and rigor.

What are the emerging jobs in artificial intelligence?

The evolution of artificial intelligence and its acceptance at corporate and project level have given rise to a number of interesting emerging professions. Among these, the following professions are not only new, but increasingly essential:

  • Artificial intelligence engineer.
  • Responsible for AI ethics.
  • Data Miner.
  • Chief Data Officer.
  • Data developer in artificial intelligence.

How to train for a career in artificial intelligence at ECE?

As a Grande école of digital engineering, we train you at theECE for careers in artificial intelligence. Find out more about all our programs on our website, and use our FAQs to find the one that best matches your career goals.

If you’d like to work in the field of artificial intelligence, you can take an MSc in Data Management & Artificial Intelligence at our school. At the end of the course, you’ll receive a diploma at bac + 5 level.

To qualify as an engineer, we also offer you the option of joining our engineering cycle and opting for the Data & AI Major. Both of these alternatives are available in Paris.

Updated 31 May 2024