Why should you follow a course in artificial intelligence?

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These days, being at ease with technology, computers and the digital world is a great asset. Mastering artificial intelligence when you work in digital can make you an indispensable professional for the company you work for. In this article, we explain the benefits of training in artificial intelligence.

In summary:

  • The artificial intelligence sector is booming.
  • Artificial intelligence jobs are as numerous as they are varied, and they’re recruiting hard.
  • Training in artificial intelligence opens up a wide range of career opportunities.
  • Training in artificial intelligence is generally available at engineering schools or schools specializing in digital engineering.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is an “attempt” to reproduce human intelligence when it comes to processing specific information and problems based on pre-established factors. What artificial intelligence researchers have tried to copy is the way the human brain filters, sorts and then analyzes well-defined data.

To be functional, artificial intelligence must be created for a specific purpose and context. Artificial intelligence settings can vary depending on whether you’re using it in one area or another. The housing and human resources sectors, for example, are quite distinct from one another.

When well developed, artificial intelligence saves time in data processing, which is why it is so useful in business. Margins of error are also reduced, enabling you to carry out more accurate and reliable analyses.

Why train in artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence can make a big difference in optimizing the use of available digital tools. With the multitude of activities covered by IT and new technologies, the field of artificial intelligence can continue to create new jobs well into the future.

The advantage of training in artificial intelligence is that you’re guaranteed to be useful in a large number of companies operating in all kinds of activities. It gives you access to a wide range of academic and professional opportunities. If you’re really passionate about the sector, you can even do some research.

Given the importance of artificial intelligence in today’s world, and particularly in the world of work, jobs in this field generally pay well. The environment is dynamic and multi-sectoral, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities for advancement.

What is the profile of students choosing to study artificial intelligence?

In general, the profile of the student who chooses to train in artificial intelligence is that of a hard science enthusiast. Artificial intelligence does require a certain comfort with statistics and figures in general.

To train in artificial intelligence, students need to be rigorous, precise and detail-oriented. The various settings are based on details and specific factors.

In addition to their love of computers and programmable devices, the best profiles in the artificial intelligence sector generally have a good command of English. Many programming languages actually use this language, which makes maneuvering much easier.

How long does a course in artificial intelligence last?

The length of your artificial intelligence training course depends on your objectives. To master the basics, a 3-year short-cycle course in a related field may suffice.

If you want to improve your skills in artificial intelligence, the ideal is to go as far as Bac + 5. Many institutions offer you the opportunity to join a 2-year bac + 5 program if you already have a bac + 3 degree in a related field.

What are the prospects for training in artificial intelligence?

By mastering artificial intelligence, you can enter a wide range of interesting professions. Here then is a non-exhaustive list of the career opportunities offered by a course in artificial intelligence:

  • a Big Data consultant position ;
  • a DevOps engineer position ;
  • a Business Analyst position;
  • a position of Chief Data Officer;
  • a Data Protection Officer position;
  • a Data miner or Data Analyst position;
  • a CRM Manager position;
  • an IA Business Developer position.

Why choose ECE to train in artificial intelligence?

Specializing in Digital Engineering, our school can provide you with the right training in artificial intelligence. AtECE, we offer a wide range of programs that give you access to the different professions in the sector, which you can easily find on our website. Among other things, we offer you the chance to join our engineering cycle and take the Data & AI Major, at the end of which you can obtain the title of engineer. For a 5-year degree, you can also opt for an MSc in Data Management & Artificial Intelligence with us. For further information, please visit our FAQ section.

Updated 31 May 2024