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Successful integration

The Integration Seminar is an association that deals with the integration of new students at the ECE. This essential step for the new students takes the form of two 3-day and 2-night stays, organized by the association, composed of 4th year students. But the integration also extends throughout the year, in particular with the arrival of the prépac (students who have reoriented themselves in the middle of the year) and the STI2D (who came to do their second semester at the ECE). The integration seminar is one of the main events of the year. It welcomes nearly 1,200 new students: baccalaureate students, post-preparatory students, bachelors and Masters.

Go on an adventure

This stay allows them to receive a warm welcome and to enter the student life. This is the first impression they will have of school, and one they will carry with them throughout their lives.

This year, we have chosen to base our IDS on the theme of adventure, survival. Indeed, the SDI gives the start of the Great Adventure. An academic, human and, it is our dearest wish, warm adventure. This seminar sets us on the path we will follow for the next five years.
We hope that our new members will leave this seminar with a lot of memories and stars in their eyes, arm in arm with their new adventure companions.

Lise, President SDI ADVENTUM 2022-2023

When I joined the school in my first year, I was very impressed by the associative life present in the school. I was able to discover a welcoming and benevolent atmosphere, which allowed me to feel very quickly at my place, favoring my experience at ECE. It is with the hope of offering the new promotions this same framework for their integration, that Anaïs (my general secretary) and I decided to initiate the project of setting up an SDI list. Together with the people who shared this first student experience with me, I aim to offer a welcoming environment to new electro-centralians so that they can start their new adventure in the best possible way, and maybe find the desire to join the associative life.

The prohibitions of the SDI

To ensure that everyone has a great time and fits in as well as possible, there is a list of rules that must be followed. You don’t have to worry about anything because Adventum takes care of everything!

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Updated 25 May 2023