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Successful integration

The Integration Seminar is an association that deals with the integration of new students at the ECE. This essential step for the new students takes the form of two 3-day and 2-night stays, organized by the association, composed of 4th year students. But the integration also extends throughout the year, in particular with the arrival of the prépac (students who have reoriented themselves in the middle of the year) and the STI2D (who came to do their second semester at the ECE). The integration seminar is one of the main events of the year. It welcomes nearly 1,200 new students: baccalaureate students, post-preparatory students, bachelors and Masters.

Go on an adventure

This SDI is an opportunity for everyone (INGI, ING3 nouveaux, Prepacs, ING4 Lyon) to discover and make their mark on the campus and its associations.

Our many missions include setting up a sponsorship system, organizing and holding an induction seminar, and above all, a constant quest for improvement, so that students feel like Samba dancers at the Rio carnival and keep a sparkling smile throughout their schooling.

It’s during this first stage of integration, the SDI, that each new student is offered a golden opportunity to find his or her happiness and make friendships that will certainly last for the rest of their days at ECE.

It’s in this context that our troupe, Folkor, takes up this challenge with mischief and ambition.

Travel, color, costumes and laughter will be the pillars of our troupe. Let the carnival begin.

Louis, President SDI FOLKLOR 2023-2024

It’s obvious that the SDI represents a crucial stage in the beginning of a student’s life, but having never taken part in the ECE SDIs following the pandemic, I felt my integration into this school was really impacted. It was only after I really got into it and joined one of them (Caves) that I really enjoyed taking part in association events. That’s when I realized that it’s essential to introduce each new student to the many associations so that they can develop to their full potential. That’s why I got together with my friends to take over this project/SDI and turn all our great ideas into reality.

Discover the poster for the Integration Seminar, which will take place from September 19 to 21, 2023, with 3 days and 2 evenings!

Les interdits du SDI

Pour que tout le monde puisse passer un très bon moment et s’intégrer du mieux possible, une liste de règles est à respecter impérativement. Vous n’avez besoin de vous occuper de rien car Adventum s’occupe de tout !

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Updated 2 January 2024