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ECE Event is the American-style event association of ECE Paris. She is a guarantor of the school cheerleading squad, which will cheer on all the school’s athletic office (AO) athletes at important meets. The cheerleading squad trains year-round to put on a quality show for every occasion.

The cheerleaders also perform externally on television shows, where they make the school shine with their beautiful silver outfits.

The association is also in charge of the participation of ECE Paris to the Challenge du Monde des Grandes Écoles et Universités (CDMGE), a sports challenge at the Charléty stadium where schools from all over France meet for sports events, cheerleading shows, mascot and fan competitions for a crazy atmosphere!

Why join the ECE Event?

By joining the association, students can gain valuable skills in planning, coordination, communication, marketing, and team management, as well as valuable hands-on experience in the event world.

Updated 23 May 2023