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  • Duration: 1 year
  • Start-up: September 2023
  • Language of instruction: French

Presentation of the Security Developer Bachelor

Recruiters are finding a lack of skilled resources in cybersecurity, a critical area today. Mastering cyber-attack techniques, designing defense strategies and deploying the tools needed to secure information systems, software and applications are just some of the challenges facing companies, which need to recruit autonomous, qualified professionals capable of understanding the new security challenges and designing and developing appropriate solutions.

In this perspective, the Security Developer title will aim to train IT and information systems professionals with advanced expertise in security. The training will provide skills that meet the requirements of the market through the acquisition of solid knowledge and versatile skills(database, web server, systems, languages, methodology, knowledge of standards, GIS, AI & Big data, computer security).

The Security Developer Bachelor program

The main aim of this training will be to train qualified and competent cybersecurity personnel capable of intervening upstream to ensure that the information system and all the programs designed are resistant to attacks at all levels (interface, design, source code, data warehouse, etc.).

Skills of the Security Developer Bachelor

This training will comprise 3 common blocks and an optional specialization block (of your choice), corresponding to specific application contexts:

Common skills block

Define a cybersecurity and data protection policy tailored to the organization’s digital strategy

Leading a team project to develop cybersecurity

Contribute to the deployment of a policy of social and environmental responsibility as part of the implementation of the company’s cybersecurity and data protection strategy.

Optional specialization blocks

Developing a secure web & mobile project

Developing a big data & data science project

Developing a cybersecurity and network project

Career opportunities in the Security Developer Bachelor’s program

  • System and network administrator
  • Network and systems security administrator
  • Security Developer
  • Computer Developer

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Updated 26 January 2024