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You have just obtained your bachelor’s degree in computer science or the equivalent and you want to continue your studies? You don’t know which type of institution to choose to do a master’s degree in computer science: university or private institutions? Are you interested in programming and information systems and networks? We will answer all your questions.

Where can I get a master’s degree in computer science?

Finding the right institution remains the main step after obtaining a professional degree in computer science or equivalent. The student has 3 options for pursuing a master’s degree in computer science:

  • Universities: many universities in France offer M1 and M2 courses in computer science. The advantage of universities is the affordable tu ition;
  • specialized schools. These private institutions are more expensive and the selection is strict. However, the orientation is sectoral and professionalizing.
  • theengineering schools. These establishments offer various specializations in digital, digital or technologies and train qualified and versatile profiles.

Why do a master’s degree in computer science at the university?

Note that there are more than 76 universities in France to follow a BAC+5 in computer science:

  • Depending on the university where you register, you can choose between initial, continuing or sandwich training. The latter makes it possible to combine working life and studies at the same time. Just be sure to find out which study format is right for you.
  • The main advantage of universities is the tuition fees. They are more affordable than in private institutions;
  • you should know that it is also possible togo abroad thanks to the LMD system. Countries like the United States, Japan or Germany offer very interesting masters in computer science.

Why do a master’s degree in computer science in a specialized school?

To obtain a BAC + 5 in computer science, specialized schools allow you to specialize in a sector or a profession. This type of institution offers professional courses in promising sectors, such as artificial intelligence or bioinformatics.

Specialized schools provide students with specific slots to take an M1 and M2 in computer science. To do this, these institutions combine their pragmatic knowledge and prepare students according to the specific needs of the profession.

The combination of courses, materials and internships allow the training of operational professionals. Whether it is a BAC + 5 in data or bioinformatics, specialization opens many doors in companies.

Why do a master’s degree in computer science in engineering school?

Engineering schools, such as ECE, offer their students an up-to-date professional curriculum. Whether part-time, full-time or on a sandwich course, a master’s degree in computer science is a real introduction to a profession.

  • These institutions combine the best training and programs adapted to the needs of the professional world. Coaching focuses on the acquisition of solid technical and managerial knowledge;
  • Companies seek out graduates of these schools for their versatile profile. Regardless of the program, Data Engineer, AI, Cybersecurity , or Big Data and Analytics, learners come into direct contact with the world of the profession. The materials, courses and training only enhance their skills and knowledge.

What is the content of a master’s degree in computer science?

During the two years of the Master’s degree in Computer Science, the learning program is as follows:

The first year, M1

In M1, the first year, learners are in the common core. The training is focused on general and transversal subjects. To complement their learning, there are general courses, such as English, communication skills and project management.

In computer science, students are introduced to algorithms, programming, network administration and web application development.

If you are in initial training, the first year is sanctioned by an internship of 2 to 5 months. Depending on the institution, the student must complete a professional thesis supported by an internship report.

M2, the second year

To obtain a BAC +5 in computer science, the second year focuses on the student’s chosen specialty. Cybersecurity, AI or bioinformatics, all courses are focused on this specialization.

At the end of the study, an internship of 3 to 6 months is mandatory.

Is it compulsory to do a master in computer science?

If you have a BAC +2 or a BAC +3 in computer science, you should know that a master in computer science is not mandatory.

In the sector, finding a job with these levels is still possible. Indeed, the professional world of computer science is so effervescent that a graduate student is easily hired by companies. On the other hand, if you plan to go further in your professional career, a master’s degree in computer science is imperative. Having an in-depth specialization in Big Data or Information Systems and Cybersecurity opens doors for you. In addition to the very motivating salary, you are solicited by all companies in different fields.

Updated 2 January 2024