Founded in 1953, the Alumni Association brings together over 9,000 graduates from all over the world and from all engineering sectors. It accompanies students and graduates in all stages of their career around the same values and objectives:

  • For the student: to accompany and guide him/her in his/her student and professional life
  • For the young graduate: facilitate his professional integration by offering job offers, training, conferences and meetings with the Alumni
  • For the companies: help them to gain visibility thanks to the alumni working for them, and to recruit in the ECE’s pool by transmitting their offers
  • For the Alumni: allow them to enrich their network, to train, to find career opportunities or simply to keep in touch with their community through numerous events (Alumni Pot, training sessions, thematic afterworks, webinars, networking events, conferences, pots, round tables,…).

The Association is there to meet the needs and expectations of all!

Members, students or Alumni, have preferential rates on events, the store, partnerships (online training or leisure), and benefit from exclusive events.

To contact the Alumni Office or ask questions:

Maxime Schneider

president of the association

“ECE Alumni’s mission is to promote the community of ECE Alumni in the world. The association operates at different levels, starting with supporting students in their transition to the world of work, where our century-old school has over 9,000 alumni. This takes the form of conferences, feedback and a significant participation of alumni in various school events, such as the follow-up of certain student projects. After graduation, we encourage reunions and exchanges between electro-centralians by organizing afterworks, meet-ups, graduation dinners and the traditional annual alumni party. This allows all Alumni to stay in touch with their peers, to meet new people and also to stay informed and trained on new technologies. “.


In order to promote intergenerational links and develop exchanges, regular events are organized each year: career forums, conferences and discussion groups, networking workshops, afterworks, etc.
Because the network does not stop at the school’s exit, the Alumni Association is committed to being present in all phases of professional life.



Updated 22 December 2023