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How do you define Metavers?

On Tuesday November 29, the Metavers conference was held at ECE Paris, with the participation of Stéphane HOUINVice President, Expert Consulting and leader of the metavers and AI community at CGI Financial Services, Olivier BARRUETCreative Director in charge of the UX offering, as well as Léo CONFORTIConsultant on metaverse topics.

We had the pleasure of taking part in an experiment in the metaverse universe and learning more about how it works.

The metaverse is a virtual, immersive, persistent universe. It’s decentralized, community-based and created through an enhanced digital and physical reality. The conference also gave our students the opportunity to find out more about this future version of the Internet and its virtual spaces.

What is Metavers based on?

This universe is based on seven content elements:

  • An avatar,
  • Interactions,
  • Content,
  • Cryptoassets,
  • Immersive equipment,
  • Calculation skills,
  • Access platforms.

What are the main families of Metavers experiments?

Hybrids include Minecraft, Yves Rocher and AXA Sandbox.

Off-limits, immersive entertainment such as concerts, with artists such as Justin Bieber and Travis Scott performing digital concerts via Métavers, or Paris Fashion Week digitizing its catwalks.

And in full virtual mode, BMW and Audi have developed their virtual brand image using Metavers. Gucci and Roblox, for their part, are using a new virtual economy model via NFT and video games.

How do I prepare for Métavers?

  • Experience Metavers for yourself.
  • Define a Metavers strategy.
  • Upstream, address the list of risks associated with Metavers (legal risks, environmental concerns, etc.).
  • Test the different Metavers platforms.
  • Develop internal and external use cases.
  • Prepare for constant change,
  • Plan the skills development of in-house teams.

Updated 2 January 2024