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Via notre partenariat stratégique avec DataScientest, nous enrichissons les possibilités proposées à l’ensemble de nos étudiants pour l’acquisition des connaissances et compétences dans les technologies de pointe pour inventer et innover pour un monde plus désirable.

François STEPHAN

Directeur Général de l’ECE

The partnership between DataScientest and ECE

Since March 2023, DataScientest, the European leader in Data Science training, has joined OMNES Education. This merger completes the Group’s engineering division, which is currently represented by ECE.

DataScientest has trained more than 8,000 apprentices in Tech professions, thanks to a team of 50 highly qualified instructors. The school’s success is based on a combination of synchronous and asynchronous coaching, resulting in a completion rate of over 98%. The training courses take place within an ecosystem comprising a 100% online programming environment made possible by a cutting-edge technological platform, business-oriented projects and personalized human support for all learners.

For its part, ECE is committed to training students in digital technologies. This is reflected in the range of programs on offer, including a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with 3 specializations and 6 MSc programs (Data Engineer, Data Management & AI, SAP, Technologies for Future Industry, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity).

To enrich the student experience while guaranteeing strong professionalization, ECE has become DataScientest’s strategic partner for Tech courses.

From the start of the 2023 academic year, ECE engineering students will benefit from DataScientest’s expertise in teaching several training modules. Bachelor’s students will have the opportunity to continue their studies on the new ECE Tech Graduate program or on one of DataScientest’s work-study programs.

Last but not least, all ECE students will be able to benefit from the DataScientest training catalog at advantageous financial conditions.”

Discover DataScientest and its initiatives
strategic partnership

Introducing DataScientest

Founded in 2017, DataScientest is theEuropean leader in Data Science training for professionals and individuals in France.

Its range of courses reinforces the offering of the OMNES Education group and its ECE engineering school in the fast-growing fields of Data, Cyber and Dev.

ECE x DataScientest initiatives

In order to offer the best learning experience, ECE will integrate DataScientest online modules into its training programs from the start of the September 2023 academic year .

ECE students and alumni will also benefit from preferential rates on DataScientest courses.

Updated 2 January 2024