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An international school

Founded in 1819, ESCP Business School has chosen to teach responsible leadership, open to the world and based on European multiculturalism.

Our campuses in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw are springboards for students to learn about this European approach to management.

Several generations of entrepreneurs and leaders have been trained in the belief that business can feed society in a positive way.

This conviction and our values: excellence, uniqueness, creativity and plurality, guide our mission every day and are expressed through a vision

that brings them together.

ESCP welcomes 8,000 students and 5,000 executives from 122 different nationalities each year. Its strength lies in its many programs of

general and specialized management courses: Bachelor’s, Master’s, MBA, Executive MBA, PhD-PhD and continuing education, all of which include a multi-campus experience. It all starts here


From 3pm to 5pm, come and ask all your questions to the ESCP teams.
It is live, by clicking on the link below:

Découvrez nos campus ESCP Business School


Updated 21 June 2023