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This Saturday, January 29, from 2:30 to 6:00 p.m., our Paris and Lyon campuses opened their doors to you!

On the program: meeting with our educational teams, our students, visit of our premises, conferences and even some surprises!

For those who could not attend, the Paris conferences were broadcast live and online on TEAMS.

C’est toujours un plaisir de vous rencontrer !

La preuve : les sourires sous les masques !

Our teams will help you find your ideal course

What to do later? How do I get into an engineering school? Which program to choose? Am I sure I will like this course? These are questions that all students ask themselves towards the end of their high school years. ECE, a century-old school, has accompanied thousands of students in the search for their professional ambitions. This open house was once again an opportunity to meet families who wanted to give themselves the best chance of integrating the desired training. The strength of the JIT? Its 1001 paths that allow all students to create a path almost tailored to them.

The ECE meets you

Tania, a young high school student, came with her mother. “I wanted to understand why there are few women in engineering schools because it is a profession that I dream of. During this afternoon at the ECE I noticed that there were actually many more female students than I thought. This reinforced my desire to enroll in the Health Major“.

For her mother, it is rather the atmosphere that seduced her: “There is something for everyone. We do many open days, at ECE I was struck by the kindness and availability of the teams and students present. Each one tells us his own story. They are all different and yet all from the same school. It’s reassuring to know that my daughter will be able to choose a path that suits her and in which she can fully develop.“.

Updated 2 May 2022