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Considering a career as a computer engineer? Whether you want to become an information system engineer, network and telecom engineer, industrial engineer or web engineer, the sector of activity is wide. You wonder what a computer engineer does, what his or her missions are, what training to follow? Read our article, we give you an update.

What is the purpose of a software engineer?

A computer engineer is above all a versatile professional who knows just about everything in the field.

Being a trained expert, he uses his skills in various sectors, from computer networks to the design of computer equipment and software development, as well as technical and hardware aspects. The IT engineer plays the role of manager of the company’s digital system.

Depending on the specialty chosen by the engineer, he or she may work in a particular field. Indeed, there are different jobs that are hidden under this name, such as engineer: network, information system, web or industrial computing.

What are the missions of the computer engineer?

People often confuse the job of computer engineer with that of software engineer. The latter is specialized in software, application design, software and web interfaces. While computer engineering is more concerned with hardware, including computer equipment and materials.

In a word, the computer engineer sets up systems and networks to serve software engineers. We can say that its missions consist in designing and maintaining the servers and the computer park of a company or an individual.

In the field, he administers the storage and transmission of data. In addition, he works on the creation of computer objects and the use of wireless networks.

The profession of computer engineer includes 3 main areas dedicated to :

  • computer design and development;
  • management of computer parks and networks;
  • design and development of computer and electronic systems.

What training should I take to become a computer engineer?

To become a computer engineer, you have to choose the right course of study since high school. As of 2019, students may pursue certain specializations before beginning graduate studies in computer engineering.

As early as the first or last year of high school, opt for scientific subjects, mathematics or physics. After obtaining your baccalaureate, you will enter engineering schools. If you are in the technological stream, choose the SMTG or ST2ID specializations to acquire the basics in computer management.

Once you have completed your baccalaureate, there are several types of training that will lead you to the profession of computer engineer:

  • The engineering school is accessible with the baccalaureate as a diploma, then you start a 2-year preparatory cycle. After a BTS or a DUT in computer science, you enter the3rd year for an engineering cycle. After 5 years of training, you are a computer engineer;
  • After the engineering degree, the student can choose a specialization, such as cybersecurity.

What are the qualities required to be a computer engineer?

In the professional world, a computer engineer must have certain qualities. The key skills required to manage and design a computer system and network are:

  • a solid knowledge of the computer world: as a designer and developer, the engineer must be autonomous in all aspects. Acquired in course or deepened in specialization, the job requires knowledge of computer programming languages (e.g. Java, HTML, Python);
  • Rigor and versatility: given the tasks to be carried out, the computer engineer must be rigorous. Technical missions fill every schedule, so concentration is a must. By installing the appropriate servers and software, it must bring together all the areas assigned to IT;
  • Be a good manager and have a team spirit: to carry out a large-scale project, the computer engineer must know how to lead and listen to his team. It is an asset to explain the tasks by motivating your employees.
  • speak English: it is the universal language in computing. Speaking English is a plus, as all computer programs and software are designed in this language. A software engineer who is fluent in the language of Shakespeare can code and program easily.

In what type of company does a computer engineer work?

Nowadays, whether in business, in our homes, vehicles or public places, digital technology is the rhythm of our lives.

So, the computer engineer’s job is in demand everywhere and in all fields. The sectors that recruit in computer engineering are numerous, from telecommunications to banking. The preferred fields of computer engineers are computer security, the web, the automation sector or aeronautics. Also note that large companies and government institutions use computer engineering skills.

Updated 2 January 2024